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Kelocote Customer Reviews/Testimonials


"Anna is tolerating Kelo-cote® much better than she ever did the silicone sheets and it stays in areas which were impossible to treat with the sheets. We are sure we can see a difference already. The redness is definitely fading and on some areas, particularly on her arms where it has almost disappeared on some areas." -Peter H.

“My daughter, Shirlee, was bitten in the face by a German Shepherd dog when she was eight. She had plastic surgery which was really good but still left big red raised scars on her face and under her chin. We used Kelo-cote® as soon as we could after the surgery on her face and within weeks the redness was gone and so was the raised part of the scars. Now she is eleven and you can hardly see the scars at all. We continued using it once a night for several months and my daughter is very happy now. She would have been scarred badly for life otherwise.” -Cheryl W.

"I wanted to write and say thanks – a big thanks – a heartfelt thanks! I have had a rare form of skin cancer on the right side of my face and have had MANY surgeries to get rid of it and subsequent reconstructive surgeries. I was left with a scar that went from my ear, across my cheek, and under my eye and nose and then down to my chin. I work for an orthopedic surgeon and our Medical Assistant heard about Kelo-cote® on a local news program and ordered some samples to give to our patients. I was skeptical, but grabbed a few when they arrived and started using them religiously 2 times a day. A few weeks later people started asking me if I was doing something different with makeup because I looked different – that my scar wasn’t as noticeable as it had been. I had been thinking the same thing too. The most amazing thing happened with one of our female patients though. She had been attacked with a razor blade when she was a teenager and it left two large scars on her face. I asked her about it one day and then told her I had something for her. I got a few samples of the Kelo-cote® and told her I use it on the scar on my face. Like me, she’d avoided mirrors and cameras and the scars had affected her self-esteem. She was in the office today and has been using it and her scars are slowly disappearing like mine – even though they are years old, it is definitely helping. For people who have been scarred, like me – through no fault of our own – you have made a change in our lives. You have no idea what a difference it’s made!"-Gayle A.

"I discovered your product through your website. I was skeptical, but not hopeless. I’m 4 week out of surgery and so far I’m VERY happy with the results.Thanks, you’ve given me hope when I began to wonder if there was any left!”-Patric J.

"Since these ugly scars have been on my chest all the pretty clothes out there are low-cut and not something I can use, but with Kelo-cote® I will be able to wear those blouses and not feel like an alien, because believe it or not, I do have people come up to me and say “Oh my God, what are those BIG ugly scars on your chest?” -Patricia G.

“Following throat surgery, requiring an incision, almost from ear-to-ear, I received a sample of Kelo-cote® from my doctor. I was impressed with the initial results and ordered a tube, expecting a long-term treatment. The short-term results, for a very visible scar, were amazing. I truly expected to live with a prominent scar but have no need to hide behind a turtle neck top as there is no visible scar. (…) Kelo-cote is a superfine product. I sing your praises and ordered it recently to give as a gift to a friend who is astounded by my results. Thanks to you I wear my scars proudly. -Darlene S.

"I want to send you a Thank You note for Kelo-cote® scar gel. It saved my beauty. I had a history of getting scars after any injuries since I was little. So I have tried almost everything on the market to prevent scarring. Your product Kelo-cote is the perfect scar preventing product that will not cause irritation and my new scar is no longer itching, sensitive and red anymore!" -Christina C.

“Just wanted to write a quick note to say how brilliant your product is turning out to be. I have used it on my son’s scar who is 5 months old and underwent surgery two months ago for a clubfoot operation. The scar is healing beyond my wildest dreams. My sister who had an operation to remove a skin growth has also used the gel and is overjoyed with the results.” -Hayley

"I had a mastectomy two years ago and have gone through the long process of reconstruction. This involved a lot of scarring which I had assumed I would have to live with. A friend of mine who uses your product urged me to try it. In fact, she was so enthusiastic that she actually purchased a tube for me. I literally could not believe the difference! I cannot endorse your product highly enough and believe th at an yone who has a scar from anything, even something as extreme as a mastectomy, will be genuinely thrilled at how much better their skin looks." -Sian A.

"I was diagnosed with malignant melanoma on the backside of my left arm. I had surgery to remove the tumor - they removed about a 2 inch diameter and 1 inch deep section of my arm. I had my stitches in for about 2 weeks, when they were removed I was left with a scar from the incision as well as lots of small er scars from the stitches . A friend had told m e about Kelo-cote®. I started using it as soon as the wound was healed enough. I used it every day for a year and continue to use it whenever I get a new abrasion. My dermatologist, other Doctors and friends/family have all remarked how amazing my arm looks considering how much skin was removed. You can still see a scar but I know that it is not as visible as it would have been had I not used the Kelocote. I'm very grateful that your product worked so wonderfully on this scar, although I am proud to be a survivor & wear my badge with honor I am also just as grateful that it isn't the eyesore that it certainly would have been had I not found your product. I can wear pretty dresses & short sleeve shirts with confidence knowing that I don't have a obvious scar staring back at others as I pass by or raise my arm to wave at someone. Thank you so much for your wonderful product!" -Jennifer L.

“My c-section scar was very sensitive, making it uncomfortable even when wearing slightly tight pants. I tried Kelo-cote®, and not only does the scar look a lot better, it feels a lot better! I am so happy that there is no more tingly, painful sensation! Thank you for a terrific product.” -Sharon “My scars are white and flat and as thin as possible. Thanks for a wonderful product that actually DOES what it says! Thanks so much! Woo Hoo!” -Candace

“I had a keloid for 4-5 years on my abdomen. It was extremely aggravated after my pregnancy. I tried other products and even steroid injections. Nothing helped. I have been using Kelo-cote® for a few weeks and my keloid is totally flat! It is improving so much, I can’t believe it.” -Stacy

“I want to tell you that Kelo-cote® has been the only thing so far that has helped my scars fade away and heal.“ -Margaret “Kelo-cote® works. Scars are gradually fading. I have tried cocoa butter, Vitamin E, skin bleaching creams etc., and this is the only thing that has been easy to use and works.” -TaNeshia

“I have used Kelo-cote® Kids Spray for my two sons who had stitches as results of sports injuries. The
spray doesn’t hurt when I spray it on, so I don’t have to fight with them to let me apply it. And their scars look great!” -Dawn

“My son cut his back on the bathtub faucet. After putting some on the right cut, my son refused to let me touch the left one…Now two years later the right side is barely visible and the left is the same as it always will be. Kelo-cote® is one great product that will always be in our medicine cabinet. “ -Tom

“My little girl was injured in a car accident. She was given Kelo-cote and I could see a wonderful difference.” -Mrs. Cannon

“I want to thank you for your product. I have had knee surgery a few times and on two of the surgeries the same 8 incision was used. Immediately after getting the staples out, I began to use the Kelocote. Twice a day I put a very thin layer on the area. I really had my doubts in the beginning, but the results were fabulous! My scar is a thin, white line that many people never notice. I am having total knee replacement in three weeks, so I have just ordered another tube of this wonderful gel. Thank you and thanks to my dermatologist for telling me about Kelocote®!” – Marge S.

“I have had a small, depressed scar in the very delicate skin area under my eye which has been there nearly 2 years. I have applied Kelo-cote® to the area and almost immediately noticed an improvement in the entire scar. The scar now appears to be flattened or softened in appearance especially as far as the margins or borders of the scar, instead of appearing pitted and noticeable. It seemed to flatten significantly in the first week or so and became much less noticeable on my face, more like facial character than a scar. I have also noticed improvement in erythema from other nearly healed small acne wounds that seemed like they may end up as permanent scars otherwise. I am working on a recent dog bite scar on my arm now and some tiny ice pick scars, and expect the same improvement. I am so appreciative of a product that will help so many people in so many ways. I believe this product helps people with slight to severe scarring problems from a number of afflictions. These afflictions are almost entirely not under our control and in our society which has so much emphasis on physical beauty, can result in negative effects psychologically such as loss of self esteem. Kelocote can help physiological scarring and also psychologically concerning negative emotional effects of physical scarring.” – Maru

“I have been using your product for about 5 weeks, since April 20, on a scar from surgery performed December, 1999. I received an initial sample from my surgeon, and then purchased more at your website. I have noticed remarkable results, especially in how quickly the color is fading and the incision line is turning white. Seeing those results, I started putting the product on another scar, more than 2 years old, where there is a faint white line, barely visible, but the skin around it is brown. The discoloration there is also fading. I had previously used silicone gel sheeting on that location, and I stopped using it when the improvement stopped, well over one year ago. What I was wondering, have you done any testing on skin with brown spots caused by sun and aging? Has there been evidence in improvement in skin elasticity? I am also using Mederma, which I started in late January. That product seems to do well on skin that is raised and thick, but I didn’t notice the level of improvement in discoloration that I have seen with your product. I am also trying/experimenting with Mederma on a patch of sun damaged skin to see if the texture improves. If you have any comments or further information for me, I would be interested. I plan to keep using Kelo-cote® until I no longer see improvement. And I may start trying it on other much older scars, including stretch marks. Thank you.” - K.H.

(…) I myself have had excellent results from this product. I broke my nose a year ago in a bad fall. The broken bone and the impact of the fall caused a deep cut on the bridge of my nose. The surgeon told me that there was nothing he could do without causing a larger scar. He suggested that I use Kelo-cote®. I am very pleased with the results. Kelo-cote® minimized my scar to the degree that is virtually imperceptible to others. My niece was recently bitten on the face by a dog. I am buying this tube for her in hopes that she has equally spectacular results. My only wish is that you product was available locally. Very Truly, Cynthia B.

“I have ordered your product, I sustained a laceration to the face which required about 15 stitches. About 4 days later they got ripped out in the middle of the night somehow. The wound opened up rather badly and looked like I was going to have a rather intense scar. I talked to one of your representatives about the product and he thought I would benefit from the use of it so I ordered the product. I’ve been using the product only one week and don’t know whether it is just natural healing or the product but the area is already smoothed out even with the rest of my skin and the only way you would ever be able to notice the scar is due to the redness that is still showing up. The scar started out rather large about one inch extending from the left corner of my mouth to the cheek area. I’m going to going to continue applying the product hoping it will help alleviate the redness. I also have a few old scars, I guess old chicken pox scars just 4 or 5 in my cheek area kind of in the form of craters. I was wondering whether or not the product would do anything for scars this old, since they are several years old. Please let me know. So far I’ve been very impressed with the way the scar is healing and hope it continues.” – Jason G.

“I want to tell you that Kelo-cote® has been the only thing so far that has helped my scars fade away and heal. My skin creates thick, red scars that last years and don’t get better. Kelo-cote® has almost reduced one scar that is hardly visible…all in just one week. I am really glad after all these years I found something. It’s too bad that doctors get paid so much money to help patients when often it’s the patients themselves that have to find a cure.” – Margaret P.

“This email is actually to thank you and let you know how great your product is. I would recommend it to anyone, it really works. A few years ago I had a naval piercing done and had a lot of problems with it. I developed what my doctor told me was a keloid. She actually said even if I took the piercing outd I would need to have the keloid surgically removed. I ended up removing the piercing and had a small scar but I mostly went away. A few months ago I decided to try to get the piercing again…againg I developed a keloid much worse than the first one. I looked on the internet for some kind of keloid medicine and came across Kelo-cote®. I used the product for 2-3 weeks and my keloid completely disappeared and you can’t tell there was any type of scar. Thank you!” – Gina G.

“My wife had surgery 2 months ago, resulting in vertical scars on both breasts from the nipples down, with small crescent incisions in the areola to remove cysts. Quite frankly, the incisions were red, swollen and looked “angry”. My wife was beside herself with grief at the appearance of them, especially where the breast meets the ribs on the bottom of the breast. The scars look wide, large and buckled. She had heard of silicone gel that was available in the U.S. and she heard about it while traveling in Brazil. Although we had never heard about it in the U.S. (strange, but sadly true), a quick search on the web came up with Advanced Bio-Technologies “Kelo-cote®” product. I placed the order immediately and thankfully enough, the gel came in 3 days. Within 7 days of daily use (3 weeks post-op), the scar had lost all swelling, smoothed out, and the width of the scar dramatically lessened. The red buckled look
the scar had taken on was gone, and there is NO visible scar on either areola. To say that my wife was relieved is an understatement. For her, the product was nothing short of a miracle, and she has faith that her scarring will be almost non-existent by the end of eight months, if it continues to heal at the rate it currently is working at. Thank you for your amazing product! Sincerely, Robert D.

“I was previously using silicone gel sheeting but found it too hard to keep on the affected area for the required length of time. I read somewhere, when looking for a silicone gel manufacturer, that not only was the gel better than the sheeting (in terms of ease of use), but the improvement recorded was up to 93%. I have four small red lumps on my chest from acen and I have been using your gel for about 2 weeks now. I noticed the lumps re-hardened then started to go down. I tak it this means the gel is working? I had noticed some previous improvement in the color when using the sheeting, but I feel as though the gel is further improving the area. Is the gel more effective in removing redness? That is all I am conscious of, the lumps are very small and don’t worry like the redness does!! How long do you have to use it before you notice the results? Have your received any other correspondence from other people stating the level of improvement and the time it took? Thanks for your time and I look forward to your reponse!” – Luke J.

“I would like to sincerely thank you for creating such a great product. One year ago, I had very severe acne on my face. After I used some acne medications, it subsided. But unfortunately, I was left with scars and ugly pigmentation on the areas that the acne was. One day, my Aunt introduced me to Kelo-cote® and said it will help. I didn’t’ believe her in the beginning, but I decided to give it a try anyways. After just two weeks, the discolorations were fading away. Now, it’s barely noticeable. I don’t know how to thank you for creating such a great and effective product. Thanks!
Your loyal customer and friend, Johnny T.

“I had been out cutting blackberries when a thorn stuck in my pants and it scraped my leg in a V pattern before I could get it out…I was amazed a few days later when the healing process finished. The side that Kelo-cote® was on left no scar. The side with Neosporin healed without any infection, but left a scar.” - Randy L.

“I had my lower eyelids operated on eight years ago. The redness never disappeared completely and was very difficult to conceal. After using your product for three weeks I am thrilled that the redness is disappearing. Many years ago I also had a skin peel that left my skin under my eyes red and paper thin. I am thrilled to tell you that the redness is improving and the texture of my paper thin skin is plumping, for lack of a better word, so my overall skin beneath my eyes has improved. Thank you for a wonderful product.” – Brooke B.

“Last February, at the age of 52, I had a complete face lift including upper and lower blepharoplasty. The results were great with the exception of some hypertrophic scarring under my right eye. The plastic surgeon tried two cortisone injections which did nothing to improve the puffy scarring. And, over the past months, it was getting worse rather than better. After using Kelo-cote® for only two weeks, the scarred area has diminished approximately 30-40 percent and is clearly healing. I am thrilled and have just ordered more Kelo-cote®. My fiancé and I have both used your fabulous product on other older
scars and newer injuries with great success. Thank you for creating such an effective, beneficial healing tool!” – Barbara M.

“I work for a plastic surgeon in Colorado Springs and we received a box of samples from you in June. I had a motorcycle accident on July 2nd with extensive road rash on my knee, forearms and my hand. The road rash is consistent with 1st, 2nd and 3rd degree burns. I have taken pictures on the day of the accident, 2 weeks after, and now I am 4 weeks S/P. After all wounds were closed, I started using your Kelo-cote® and am seeing huge improvements. I was wondering if you would be interested in my before and after pictures (when I am completely healed). Thank you, Angie C.

“My little girl was injured in a car accident. She was given Kelo-cote® and I could see a wonderful difference. I was given a trial size. We have relocated and I would like to order more for her.” – Mrs. Cannon