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Breast Augmentation Recovery Kits


How can Breast Augmentation Recovery Kits Help Aid my Recovery?

Breast Augmentation procedures have become widely popular in the last decade, and have even become the second-most popular plastic procedure after liposuction. Patients may seek a breast augmentation for a myriad of reasons, such as to maintain symmetry post-masectomy, to add volume to smaller breasts, or to restore shape after child-rearing. Constant innovations in surgical technique and advances in medical technology have made breast augmentations much less invasive and noticeable, with reduced scarring. However, breast augmentation procedures are still a weighty surgical operation, with its accompanying risks and recovery period. Patients undergoing a breast augmentation can expect recovery periods of about one to two weeks on average, during which patients may experience side effects such as mild to moderate pain, swelling, bruising, fatigue, and sensitivity.

There are many ways a patient can speed or support their body’s healing process during their recovery period. Patients should always follow their surgeon’s recommendations for recovery following a breast augmentation, and there are also many over the counter remedies that can reduce side effects and speed healing. At MakeMeHeal, we have gathered the best of these remedies into easy to use kits for our patients’ convenience.


Breast Augmentation Recovery Kits FAQs

1. What are Breast Augmentation Recovery Kits?

Our MakeMeHeal Breast Augmentation Recovery Kits contain the most popular recovery items purchased by breast augmentation patients. These items can accelerate the healing process, alleviate pain and discomfort, minimize scarring, and help many of the other side effects common to a breast augmentation.


2. What products can I expect in my Breast Augmentation Recovery Kit?

These Breast Augmentation Recovery Kits contain products that are specifically designed to help patients who have undergone a breast augmentation. While each kit is unique and can contain a different combination of recovery products, common products can include hot or cold compresses to reduce swelling, breast compression bras, scar reduction gels, and supplements that boost the body’s ability to heal after a surgical procedure.


3. Who can use a Breast Augmentation Recovery Kit?

Any person considering a breast augmentation procedure is a candidate for using our Breast Augmentation Recovery Kits. Because our kits contain supplements, we strongly advise that each of our customers get physician supervision before taking a supplement course.


4. What are the benefits of buying a Breast Augmentation Recovery Kit (over buying individual products)?

At MakeMeHeal, we have designed these Breast Augmentation Recovery Kits to contain many of the products that will aid recovery at home. Purchasing these kits will help you save time and money, as our kits may be discounted from purchasing each item individually. Our kits will also help expose our customers to beneficial products they may not otherwise know about.


5. When can a Breast Augmentation Recovery Kit be most beneficial to me, or how soon should I start using my Breast Augmentation Recovery Kit?

Each patient’s surgeon will know the details of their recovery best, but in general, the products in our Breast Augmentation Recovery Kits will be most beneficial if they are used as soon as the patient has been discharged from the surgical facility and has returned home. Our kits may also include pre-op supplements, in which case our customers should follow physician guidelines and take the pre-op supplements before their breast augmentation procedure, according to the kit instructions.


6. When should I order a Breast Augmentation Recovery Kit?

Some of our Breast Augmentation Recovery Kits contain Pre-Op formula supplements that are designed to maximize the body’s nutrient reserves before a breast augmentation procedure. These kits should be ordered and these pre-op supplements taken according to instruction, along with physician supervision. For our other Breast Augmentation Recovery Kits that do not contain pre-op supplements, we recommend that our customers order the kits with enough time for delivery before their procedure. This is because first, any supplements should be taken with physician supervision, so our customers should give themselves enough time to consult their surgeon with our product in-hand. Second, the products in these kits are designed to help our customers recover as soon as they return home, and ordering before your procedure will ensure that you can begin your healing journey as soon as you return home.