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Breast Reduction Recovery Kits

Heal Faster with Breast Reduction Recovery Kits

There are many reasons a patient may elect to undergo a breast reduction procedure, such as a preventative measure against breast cancer, to alleviate back pain, or just to feel more comfortable in one’s own body. Breast reduction procedures are significant surgery procedures that carry substantial financial, emotional, and physical ramifications; typical recovery periods include one to two weeks of downtime. Other common side effects of breast reduction procedures can include pain, bruising, swelling, and tiredness. Breast reduction procedures also typically produce scarring, due to their invasive nature.

The recovery process does not end once a patient is discharged from the surgical facility; most of the recovery is done at home. At MakeMeHeal, we provide many of our most popular and effective products to speed recovery after a breast reduction procedure in an easy to use, comprehensive kit for effective home restoration. From pre-op supplements, post-op supplements, hot or cold compresses, scar reduction treatments, and healing post-op garments, our kits combine the best of recommended treatments to give our customers the best possible recovery, period.

Breast Reduction Recovery Kits FAQs

  1. What are Breast Reduction Recovery Kits?

Breast Reduction Recovery Kits are carefully curated kits that combine some of our most popular recovery items into a single, easy to use kit that is ideally suited for patients recovering from a breast reduction procedure. Our kits contain products that have been shown to speed recovery and reduce side effects, such as pain, bruising, swelling, and scarring, while boosting the body’s natural healing processes with meticulously dosage supplements.

  1. How do Breast Reduction Recovery Kits work?

Each of our Breast Reduction Recovery Kits are slightly different, and contain different assortments of products. However, all of our kits combine a variety of products to help your recovery process post-breast reduction.  Many of our kits contain compresses that can be used hot or cold, to alleviate swelling and reduce pain. They can also contain supplements with vitamins, minerals, and herbal remedies to

  1. How can I benefit from a Breast Reduction Recovery Kit?

If you are considering or have undergone a breast reduction procedure, these Breast Reduction Recovery Kits can greatly improve your at-home healing process. Our kits make it easy for you to obtain a great selection of proven, effective products, without the hassle of searching for individual products through multiple vendors.

  1. Who can use a Breast Reduction Recovery Kit?

Our Breast Reduction Recovery Kits are designed for use by all patients who have undergone a breast reduction procedure. These kits contain elements that have been proven to help the healing process, reduce side effects, and alleviate pain. As with all nutritional supplements, patients should check with their physician before consumption, to ensure safety and prevent any negative drug interactions.

  1. How soon should I start using a Breast Reduction Recovery Kit?

Each of our Breast Reduction Recovery Kits has its own set of detailed instructions for use. Some contain Pre-Op Supplements, designed the help strengthen the body in preparation for the surgery. These should be used as directed, under physician supervision, before the procedure. Other elements of the kits include Post-Op Supplements, compresses, scar healing remedies, and other topical treatments. These should be used post-procedure, according to the instructions. Most of these elements can and should be used as soon as you return home after your surgery.

  1. When should I order a Breast Reduction Recovery Kit?

If you are considering using a Breast Reduction Recovery Kit to aid in your healing process, we recommend that you order and purchase your Breast Reduction Recovery Kit before your surgery date. This is to ensure that you receive your kit and are ready to use it as soon as you return home post-procedure.