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Eyelid Surgery Recovery Kits


How Will Eyelid Surgery Recovery Kits Help My Recovery Process?

Eyelid surgeries, also known as blepharoplasties, can come in many different shapes and forms and are performed for a variety of reasons. Upper eyelid surgeries can reduce excess skin and fat, improving a “hooded” eye appearance, and even improve vision. Lower eyelid surgeries can help reduce the appearance of under eye bags, reduce wrinkles, and restore a youthful look. Double eyelid surgeries are very popular amongst the Asian population to create an upper eyelid crease.

Eyelid surgeries are surgical procedures that require a recovery period of downtime for their patients. A typical recovery period can range from one to two weeks before returning to daily activities. At MakeMeHeal, we offer a wide variety of products to help our customers in their healing process once they have returned home from their surgical facility. Due to the popularity of our recovery products, we have packaged our most popular, effective, and commonly prescribed products into a convenient, easy to use kit, our Eyelid Surgery Recovery Kits. These kits have been carefully curated to include products that are most beneficial to patients recovering from an eyelid surgery procedure. Whether it is a pre or post operation supplement designed to boost the body’s ability to heal, or a compress designed for use on the eyes, we have included our best products to aid your healing journey.


Eyelid Surgery Recovery Kits FAQs


1. What are Eyelid Surgery Recovery Kits? What products can I expect in my Eyelid Surgery Recovery Kit?

Our MakeMeHeal Eyelid Surgery Recovery Kits are packages of our most popular recovery products for consumers who have undergone or are considering an eyelid surgery procedure. Each kit is slightly different and contains different products. Some common products you might find in our kits include: pre-op and post-op supplements designed to boost the body’s healing process, hot / cold compresses that reduce swelling and pain, and scar reduction gels to minimize scarring. We recommend that you look through all our Eyelid Surgery Recovery Kits to find the best fit for you.


2. Is an Eyelid Surgery Recovery Kit right for me?

Any person who has undergone or is considering an eyelid surgery procedure can be a candidate to benefit from our Eyelid Surgery Recovery Kits. As with all supplements, we recommend that physician supervision to ensure no negative or harmful drug interactions.


3. Why is buying an Eyelid Surgery Recovery Kit better than buying the individual products?

Our MakeMeHeal Eyelid Surgery Recovery Kits offer many benefits to our consumers. Each of the products that our kits contain has been proven to aid recovery and are very popular as a stand-alone product. Our kits give our customers to opportunity to learn more about products that they may not have heard about, and that can help them in their healing process. Further, our kits can also provide great value, as the kits may be cheaper than buying each product individually. Finally, our Eyelid Surgery Recovery Kits offer our customers great convenience in a single, ready-to-use package.


4. What should I do to prepare for my recovery period?

Your surgeon should and will discuss the post-procedure recovery process with you during a consultation before the actual eyelid surgery takes place. During this consultation, we recommend that you clear any supplements from our kits that you are considering taking, as the surgeon will be able to advise you on any potentially harmful drug interactions. Once cleared, we recommend that you order your Eyelid Surgery Recovery Kit before your procedure, so that you can ensure timely delivery before you return home post-procedure. This is to guarantee that you can begin your recovery process right away, with no waiting on shipping times.


5. What are Pre-Op Supplements and how do I take them?

Some of our MakeMeHeal Eyelid Surgery Recovery Kits contain Pre-Op Supplements. These are supplements that are designed to be taken in a treatment regimen before the eyelid surgery procedure, as they help build up the body’s nutrient stores to aid recovery. These should be taken, with physician supervision, according to the kit instructions. Some may be most beneficial if taken for a few weeks before the procedure. To properly plan for the use of these kits, we recommend that our customers purchase these kits containing pre-op supplements with their timeline in mind.