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Hyperpigmentation Solutions

How Can Hyperpigmentation Solutions Benefit My Healing Journey?

The Hyperpigmentation Solutions aisle features a wide variety of skin bleaching cream brands, lightening creams, and specialized bleaching ointments that can help prevent and minimize hyperpigmentation that can occur during recovery from laser skin resurfacing. Following laser resurfacing, mild or considerable skin hyperpigmentation and skin blotchiness/ splotchiness may temporarily develop and lead to the skin tone becoming darker than normal. Temporary hyperpigmentation may be due to post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation as well as due to reaction to the laser procedure. Hyperpigmentation is a normal symptom that a good number of patients may experience during recovery. The symptom can take anywhere from several weeks and up to several months to disappear. A bleaching or lightening cream or ointment is often recommended to help prevent pigmentation changes, minimize the possibility of hyperpigmentation, help fade hyperpigmentation that has occurred, and help regulate the skin color. Many hyperpigmentation treatments contain topical hydroquinone, which produces a reversible depigmentation of the skin by inhibiting melanin production. Additionally, skin lighteners and bleaching creams/agents may contain kojic acid, which is also effective in lightening the skin by preventing the production of new melanin. Your physician may recommend using a skin bleaching cream as a pretreatment during pre-op, or during post-op, or have you use a bleaching cream both during pre-op and post-op.

Beyond using hyperpigmentation products following laser skin resurfacing, these products are also effective for treating many other types of skin discolorations, including, age and liver spots caused by the sun, freckles, pigmentation in the skin that may result from pregnancy or the use of oral contraceptives.

How Can Hypopigmentation Solutions Benefit My Healing Journey?

The Store also features products for hypopigmentation, which is a far more rare symptom than hyperpigmentation. Hypopigmentation is the opposite of hyperpigmentation and results in temporary lightening of the skin.