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Men's Skin Care & Wellness

Being A Man From The Inside & Outs

We are very excited to present this new area of Make Me Heal devoted to the men who wish to be their best from the inside and out. This area is devoted to providing you with specialized skin care products that are formulated specifically for Men. With that said, most of the skin care brands and products found in our general Skin Care Store can be used by men as they are made for both men and women. For this reason, it is recommended to look at both the general Skin Care Store and the Men Skin Care Store when considering skin care products for your daily care regimen.

As you walk through The Men's Skin Care & Wellness Store, you'll notice that it is organized into the following categories :

Men's Facial Moisturizers

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Men's Facial Cleansers

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Men's Eye Creams 

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Shaving Creams, After-Shaves & Care Products

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Men's Anti-Wrinkle & BOTOX Alternative Products

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We are continuing to grow this important new area of Make Me Heal, so do stay tuned!


Skin Care Maintenance for Men

To properly maintain good healthy skin, men should follow these simple steps using products that are good for not just the skin, but for their overall wellness.

  • Keep your skin clean by using products that allows you to deep cleanse your pores. This is important to keep pores clean and to maintain healthy skin. Deep cleansing pores help get rid of dirt and oil that can clog pores and cause skin blemishes. Products that are the best for cleansing skin are natural products that are not made with harsh ingredients.
  • Toning skin is important to keep skin firm and clean. Skin’s elasticity is harder to maintain as you age, and using toners frequently will help improve the overall health of your skin.
  • Treat your skin with products that suit your skin type (oil, combination, dry). Using different products with properties that help your skin type will help maintain good healthy skin. Exfoliating skin is needed to remove dead skin cells and it is important to do this daily.
  • After shaving, it is important to moisturize your skin with products that are not heavily fragranced or alcohol based, which can irritate the skin.
  • Use SPF 15 or higher when exposing your skin to the sun. Remember to use a lip balm that have SPF too as your lips are important too!

Following these techniques will help you get clear, nourished skin. However, remember to avoid overexposure to the sun as it leads to sun damage, stay in shape and maintain a healthy diet. Staying away from excessive alcohol and smoking can reduce premature aging and improve facial circulation.

At Makemeheal, you can find products for oily, combination, dry, sensitive, and normal skin. We carry clarifying cleaners, oil-free moisturizers, face creams, non-foaming gels, hydrating gels, shower gels, moisture balms, body cleansers, hair combs, eye creams, daily moisturizers, lip balms, shaving creams, deodorants, shave balms, facial cleansers, facial treatments, shave serums, shaving razors and facial cleansing sets.

Some of our bestselling brands include BiothermChristian DiorClarinsClinique, FreshGiorgio ArmaniGuinotH.I.M IstryHugo BossJack BlackKorresLancomeLieracL’Occitane, MenscienceMethode Jeanne Piaubert, Ole HenriksenShiseido, The Art of Shaving, and Tweezerman.