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Mobility Products


Mobility Products

Mobility products provide a secure means to move about for the disabled and to those who need support due to injury or old age. After injuries to the lower extremity, mobility products can help guide and provide support to the upper body, thus enabling patients to move on their own.

Crutches are helpful to those who are injured as it provides stability and durability. Crutches made out of aluminum, are lighter than wood and will provide additional strength to weight-bear areas. Crutches are also easy to adjust and have excellent traction. Makemeheal carries bariatric crutchesaluminum crutchesforearm crutcheswood crutchescrutch accessories.

Mobility products can also assist seniors and the elderly to stay mobile and independent, which will help them physically and emotionally. These products will help seniors and the elderly to get around on their own and provide a sense of security while they are mobile. There are a wide variety of mobility products from canes, crutches, and walkers to scooters.

Canes are the most common walking aid. At Makemeheal, you can find aluminum canesblind mans canesfolding canesquad canesspecialty caneswood canes, and cane accessories. Canes come in a variety of handles and are designed for multiple purposes. Some canes can also be used as a seat and folded up when not in use.

For those who need more assistance, walkers provide more lift and come in a variety of designs. You can find rolling walkerssingle button walkersspecialty walkerstwo button walkers, and walker accessories. Rolling walkers have wheels that provide easier movement.

When walking becomes too difficult, a scooter will allow seniors and the elderly to sit and become mobile. Scooters are durable and allows for a smooth ride. You can find scooters, and scooter accessories at Makemeheal.