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9" x 8" x 4 1/4" (1)
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Ear Pillows

How Can Ear Pillows Benefit Me In My Everyday Life?

An ear pillow enables a patient who has had surgical incisions done in the ears area (due to a face lift or neck lift) to sleep on her/his side without experiencing discomfort in the healing ear. The foam design of the ear pillow raises the ear from the bed and allows the ear to essentially “float” and not have any pressure or friction from the mattress or pillow. The hole in the middle of the pillow allows the ear to fit inside with ease and enables you to sleep on your side even if your ears may still be sore due to surgery. Patients often experience ear soreness and pain when trying to sleep or rest on their side due to the fact that incisions were made in front and behind the ears. Ear soreness and pain may continue for weeks, 1 month, or longer following a face lift. As a result, patients are not able to sleep on their side and need to continue sleeping on their backs until ear issues are no longer present. Ear soreness is frustrating to anyone for whom sleeping on one’s back is not the way she/he naturally sleeps. For this reason, the ear pillow can be a real godsend and save a patient from sleepless nights by enabling them to sleep soundly on their side and not worry about their achy ears.

How Can Neck Pillows Benefit My Healing Journey?

Beyond using an ear pillow during your recovery, this product is a great addition to your daily life whenever you have to be in bed for a long period of time and want to enjoy side sleeping without getting bed sores around the ear area that can occur when resting in the same position for a prolonged period of time.

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