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How Can Foundations Benefit My Healing Journey?

Applying foundation is an important step in camouflage techniques. Besides hiding the appearance of color correctors and concealers, which are applied before any other makeup, the right foundation can also even out skin tone and further hide bruises and visible scars. Foundation is slightly sheerer in consistency when compared to a concealer, and therefore is easier to wear. Foundation comes in various forms, including cream, liquid, sheer, and matte. Foundations can have various attributes, including being, oil-free, oil-control, moisturizing, acne-control, iridescent, and even stick-form. In general, a cream-based foundation provides the most coverage and is appropriate for drier skin. For this reason, cream-based foundations are popular among patients recovering from facial procedures (which can leave your skin temporarily drier during post-op). Moreover, a liquid-based foundation provides medium coverage, whereas a sheer foundation gives lightest coverage. While foundation is applied after color correctors and concealers, it is considered the base coat after which highlighters and contour shadows (if you are disguising swelling) and ordinary non-base makeup (i.e. lipstick, mascara, etc.) may be applied onto the skin.

How Can Foundations Benefit My Everyday Makeup Routine?

Beyond using corrective foundations during healing from a cosmetic procedure, these products can be a great addition to your everyday beauty routine. These specialized foundations can be used for covering minor imperfections such as blemishes, minor freckling, gasoline burns, acne and rosacea.