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How Can Powders Benefit My Healing Journey?

Powder is a great addition to all camouflaging technique because it sets the makeup that has been applied in place, keeps it looking fresh, and enables the makeup to stay on longer. Moreover, powder can add glow to an otherwise matte appearance and give you a more uniform appearance. If you don’t use powder, the makeup (which is somewhat oily) will mix the natural oils from your skin and start to "melt" or become diluted during the course of the day. This is something you will want to avoid if you are putting on makeup before your first public appearance. Because your skin can be dry, flaky, and even peel during the early phase of post-op from facial cosmetic procedures, it is all the more necessary to add finishing powder to your makeup routine so as to prevent the "rolling off" of makeup problem that some patients experience. Powder comes in many different formulas: matte, oil-free, oil-control, moisturizing, acne-control, and iridescent. Additionally, it can come in either pressed or loose forms.

There are specialized powders made by corrective cosmetic companies that are more effective at setting your makeup than traditional powders.

How Can Powders Benefit My Everyday Makeup Routine?

Beyond using powders for your cosmetic procedure, these products are great and essential additions to your everyday beauty routine.