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Scar Healing & Appearance Improvement


How Can Scar Healing & Appearance Improvement Products Benefit My Healing Journey?

In the Scar Healing & Appearance Improvement section of our online store, you can find scar healing creams, silicone gels and ointments, and silicone sheets that are specially designed to improve the healing of your scars and help in scar reduction and minimization of the scar’s ultimate appearance. Post-procedure, these scar reduction products are vital in order to help soften and smoothen the scar, limit scar growth and size, and reduce scar thickness. These scar treatments can also lessen redness surrounding the scar, reduce the discomfort of itching that can occur along the scar lines, and help maintain the skin’s moisture balance and elasticity of adjacent skin. Scar healing products can be effective and have benefits for months following a cosmetic procedure, but should only be applied after wounds have fully closed and sutures have been removed.

Scars are formed during the healing process following injury or puncture to the skin. There are different types of scars following different injuries.

The most common scars include:

  • Keloid scars, which are a result of an overlay aggressive healing process that causes the scars to extend, pass the original wound. These scars can appear at any age and tend to develop in those who are young and have darker skin.

  • Contracture scars, which are a result of burns causes the skin to tighten and make it difficult to move the burned area. If the degree of burn is high, the scars may affect underlying nerves and muscles.

  • Hypertrophic scars, which are similar to keloids, are raised scars that tend to develop a few weeks following trauma or injury to the skin, but do not extend pass the wound.

  • Acne scars, which is a result of severe acne tends to leave skin with small, deep round depressions that are angular in appearance.

At Makemeheal, you can find scar reduction products from brands like Kelo-coteBiodermisOleevaAvocetScar Fx/Scar Esthetique/RejuvaSilWould-Be-GoneHanson MedicalMederma and Dermatix Advanced Scar Treatment.