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Hanson Medical


Hanson Medical is the creator of Laserfade Post Laser Gel and Scarfade Scar Gel.

Hanson Medical Laserfade Post Laser Gel

The Hanson Medical Laserfade Post Laser Gel is formulated for post laser surgery redness. It contains a rich blend of antioxidants including Vitamin E, Vitamin K and Co-Enzyme Q-10 (a natural occurring antioxidant already in our bodies). These antioxidants are thought to reduce damage to freshly lasered skin caused by ultraviolet sun damage, air pollution and other environmental factors. Laserfade also contains micronized zinc oxide for protection from the sun. It is formulated to be used after freshly lasered skin is completely healed. Laserfade also helps reduce the appearance of scars while protecting them from both UVA / UVB rays, sunblock SPF15.

Hanson Medical Scarfade Scar Gel

Hanson Medical Scarfade Scar Gel is a topical silicone gel which is applied like a cream. It forms a micro-thin layer of silicone on the scar to ensure that constant skin care is achieved in a comfortable, convenient way. The Scarfade Scar Gel is designed to provide a silicone micro-membrane which moisturizes without skin maceration. Drying quickly with no sticky residue, the Scarfade Scar Gel can be worn around the clock. It washes off easily with soap and water and can be used by children.