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Skin Care for PRE & POST-Op

How Can Skin Care Products Benefit My Pre & Post-Op Journey?

Products Prepare Skin, Promote Healing, Shorten Recovery, Reduce Symptoms & Help Get Better Cosmetic Outcome

The Skin Care For Pre & Post-Op Store is devoted to offering a wide category of the leading brands of skin care and physician-recommended products that both a woman or man can use before and after a cosmetic procedure (surgical and non-surgical procedures) to obtain a better cosmetic outcome. The products featured in this Store may help in preparing and recovering from plastic surgery and non-surgical cosmetic procedures, including chemical peel, dermabrasion, face lift, laser skin resurfacing, microdermabrasion, neck lift, rhinoplasty, and other cosmetic procedures. Among the featured skin care and antiaging product brands include Obagi, Topix, Kinerase Optimal-Outcome, Glytone, Gly Derm, Physicians Choice, and numerous other top skin care product brands and physician-recommended products.

The use of specialized pre- and post-op skin care products will prepare the skin and body for faster healing from a cosmetic surgery or non-surgical procedure and allow the skin to have a better reaction to the trauma associated with a cosmetic procedure. Following a pre- and post-op skin care program that involves application of specialized products that are beneficial for cosmetic procedures can help speed up your recovery, promote wound healing, and reduce the appearance of symptoms, including bruising discolorations, hyperpigmentation (darkening of skin), milia (small, white-cyst like formations), erythema (redness of skin due to dilation of capillaries), itching, dryness, and tightness.

Gentle, Non-Irritating Products For Post-Op Sensitive Recovering Skin

Some of the skin care products featured in the Store are especially gentle that they are ideal for application on delicate, post-op skin that is recovering. Following a cosmetic procedure, your skin may be extremely sensitive and tender, which may make the use of your regular skin care products not possible because they are too irritating on your post-op skin. Due to the delicate state of your healing skin, it is important to use skin care products that are gentle and non-irritating.