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Worldwide Dermatologist Endorsements

Dr. Jerome M. Garden, MD

Clinical Professor of Dermatology at Northwestern University

Director of “Physicians, Laser & Dermatology Institute”

“During the clinical trials, the m? device, using elos technology has proven to be very safe when used as instructed. Developed for increased safety, patient self treatment was readily accomplished on the body. Of significant note was the fact that this was true for all skin types. This home use device should be well accepted by our patients for our at-home hair removal."

Dr. David Friedman

Friedman Skin and Laser Center

“m? is a most effective at-home hair removal device. Most of the patients achieve an average hair reduction of almost 90% after 4 treatments. This remarkable clinical result and the safety and ease of use of the device – offer a new approach for treating unwanted hair at home.” 

Dr. Vince Afsahi

South Coast Dermatology Institute
California, USA

"The unique thing about el?s technology is that it combines 2 different modalities, a light modality in conjunction with radio frequency. What this allows us to do is treat more and more patients of all skin types with very little down time. The safety level of this technology is unparalleled and it's something that we are excited to be able to offer to our patients over the last several years."