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Scar Reduction Creams & Gels

Scar Reduction Creams & Gels

How Can Scar Reduction Creams & Gels Benefit My Healing Journey?

The Scar Reduction Creams & Gels area of the Store features scar reduction products that can help improve the healing of your scars and help in scar reduction and in making your scars far less noticeable. These scar reduction products can soften and smoothen the scar, limit scar t issue growth and size, and reduce scar thickness. These scar treatments can also lessen redness surrounding the scar, reduce the discomfort of itching that can occur along the scar lines, and help maintain the skin's moisture balance and elasticity of adjacent skin. These scar products work on scars of all skin types and color, including new and old scars, post-surgery scars, keloids, hypertrophic scars, and other scar types caused by injury, trauma, and burns. For fresh scars, scar reduction products should only be applied after wounds have fully closed.

Can Scar Reduction Creams Be Used Together With Scar Sheets?

Scar creams can be used together with scar sheets. Scar creams are recommended for areas that are visible to the eye and places where a sheet is not convenient to apply.