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January 2008

January 2008: New Products

The following is a list of the latest new items added this month. Be sure to check back frequently as we add new items continuously throughout the month. Additionally, special limited time promotions are listed here first.

New Brands for January

SkinTx Skin Care

SkinTx Skin Care helps restore skin to a healthy state by using topical agents that work synergistically to regulate skin cell function, improve circulation, repair damage, and allow skin to act as an effective barrier. Each ingredient in these products has been selected for its individual and synergistic activity so that key cell types are regulated and angiogenesis is stimulated. Learn More about SkinTx...

Vivier Pharma Skin Care

Vivier Pharma only uses pharmaceutical grade ingredients to bring doctors and patients exceptional skin care products. The IntraDermal System �IDS� has a unique delivery system to penetrate across the stratum corneum (the outermost layer of the skin) through diffusion. Learn More about Vivier Pharma...

Cor Soap

Cor Soap is made with all natural ingredients including a patented formula of nano-silver with silica. Unlike most cleansers available on the market, Cor Soap has a pH that is close to the pH of your skin so it can be used by all skin types including acne prone skin and sensitive skin. Learn More about Cor...

Coola Skin Care

Coola was created in 2002 by a team of chemists to combine scientific knowledge and environmental friendly procedures to create the most advanced and effective organic sun protection available. Coola develops its products under strict FDA guidelines, does not do any animal testing and uses eco-friendly, biodegradable packaging. Learn More about Coola...

Wired Laser Hair Comb

FDA-approved since 2002, the Wired Technologies Laser Hair Comb helps to normalize the production of scalp sebum and thus, reduce excess levels of scalp dihydrotestorone (DHT). It also reduces inflammatory lymphocytic infiltrate around the hair follicles, and its anti-inflammatory effect makes it an excellent tool for patients experiencing psoriasis, eczema, seborrhoeic dermatitis, neurodermatitis and other autoimmune conditions affecting the hair and scalp. Learn More about the Laser Comb...

OC Eight Skin Care

Recommended by American Idol make-up artist, OC Eight Professional Mattifying Gel uses one-of-a-kind technology to give you beautiful matte skin. This revolutionary technology absorbs 6 times its own volume in oil, does not irritate even the most sensitive skin and locks away oil for up to 8 hours a day to leave you with even, beautiful skin! Learn More about OC Eight...

LympheDIVAS Armsleeves

LympheDIVAs is dedicated to creating medically correct fashion: compression apparel for the savvy and stylish breast cancer survivor with lymphedema, which will inspire her to feel beautiful, strong, and confident. Learn More about LympheDIVAs...