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January 2009

January 2009: New Products

We are excited to announce Silk'n, a brand new hair removal device available exclusively from Make Me Heal. Along with Silk'n, we have also introduced Dr. Zein Obagi's brand new skin care line to fight the signs of aging, ZO Skin Health.

New Brands for January

Silk'n Hair Removal Home Device

Silk'n is a physician directed light-based device for long term hair removal in the privacy of your home. The newest development in light-based hair removal, Silk'n allows you to use captures all the benefits of professional pulsed light hair removal in a small at-home device you can use at home. See the Silk'n Hair Removal Device

ZO Skin Health, Obagi

ZO Skin Health (by Zein Obagi, MD)

ZO Skin Health skin care producst are the latest line by Dr. Zein Obagi. Dr. Obagi's ZO Skin Health line is serious skincare that aggressively fights aging with a combination of innovative technology, powerful ingredients, and luxurious formulas. Dr. Obagi revolutionized the skin care industry with a line of prescription-strength anti-aging products that have become the gold-standard for results-oriented skin care. See the ZO Skin Health Line

Scar Prevention, Scar Reduction

Wound-Be-Gone Scar Prevention & Wound Healing Gel

Wound-Be-Gone is a topical hydrophilic gel created that accelerates wound healing and reduces scarring. It is a unique combination of highly effective "moist healing" and a patented active ingredient, which collectively support the movement of cells, maintain a constant temperature in the wound, and prohibit contact between the wound and its external environment.This prevents contamination and speeds up the healing process. See Wound-Be-Gone


Thalgo Skin Care

Thalgo skin care treatments draw their richness and efficiency from the marine universe. Thalgo offers a comprehensive range of professional salon treatments for face, body, aroma-phycology, hydrotherapy, sun care and post-depilatory. See the Thalgo Line


Sothys, Skin Care

Sothys Skin Care

Sothys skin care focuses on the importance of proper home care so that skin can benefit from each product. All formulas are made with the best ingredients like AHAs/BHAs, natural molecules, stabilized vitamins, and botanical extracts to enhance the body and mind. See the Sothys Line

Amorepacific, Skin Care


Amore Pacific focuses the brand around the healing effects of Korea's green tea. By using rare Asian botanical ingredients mixed wtih cutting-edge skin sicne, Amore Pacifc skin care line embodies overall wellness and healthy, youthful skin. Amore Pacific has been harvesting, nurturing, and perfecting complete skin care solutions for 40 years. See the Amore Pacific Line


Borba, Skin Care

BORBA Skin Care

BORBA neutraceuticals deliver valuable nutrients directly and efficiently to your skin from the inside. Rather than treating skin problems only on the surface, BORBA formulates delicious, convenient, and highly nutritious ingestibles that target the inner causes of skin complaints. BSee the BORBA Line