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November 2008

November 2008: New Products

We are excited to announce Silk'n, a brand new hair removal device available exclusively from Make Me Heal.

New Brands for November

Silk'n Hair Removal Home Device

Silk'n is a physician directed light-based device for long term hair removal in the privacy of your home. The newest development in light-based hair removal, Silk'n allows you to use captures all the benefits of professional pulsed light hair removal in a small at-home device you can use at home to flash your hair away. This technology Silk'n allows you to keep yourself smooth and hair-free in a device that is safe, easy to use, and cost effective. See the Silk'n Hair Removal Device

Institut Esthederm, Skin Care

Institut Esthederm Skin Care

Institut Esthederm Intensive Care incorporates the most effecitve actives in bio-cosmetology in maximum doses to immediately respond to skin crises. Ideal for users requiring intensive treatment to solve serious skin dysfunctions stemming from physiological problems, such as sever dehydration, skin slaving, premature ageing, or metabolic problems, such as stretch marks, deep set cellulite, and hairiness. Intensive products work together in various regimens to correspond with your skin condition. See the Institut Esthederm Line