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October 2008

October 2008: New Products

We have some great new treats this month, including brands new Evis LED therapy devices, a luxury brand for intensive skin care called Institut Esthederm, Amore Pacific skin care, Perricone MD skin care, and many more. Those are just a few to go along with several more hot brands.

New Brands for October

Evis MD, LED

Evis MD Platinum LED Therapy Devices

Evis MD Platinum LED Handheld Devices are the most powerful medical grade anti-aging light therapy devices on the consumer market today. The Evis Red uses LED light therapy to provide 3 minute instant lift and facial contouring to targeted areas, improve the appearance of sun-damaged skin, and increase collagen and elastin production. The Evis Blue uses LED therapy to help heal acne blemishes while preventing future breakouts. See the Evis MD Platinum LED Devices


Sothys Skin Care

Sothys Skin Care

Sothys Skincare is a luxurious French spa brand. The Sothys philosophy is based on the idea that skin needs to be properly cleansed and prepared, products need to be continually used, and personal care needs to be taken so that skin can look its best. All formulas are made with the best ingredients like AHAs/BHAs, natural molecules, stabilized vitamins, and botanical extracts to enhance the body and mind. See the Sothys Skin Care Line

Institut Esthederm, Skin Care

Institut Esthederm Skin Care

Institut Esthederm Intensive Care incorporates the most effecitve actives in bio-cosmetology in maximum doses to immediately respond to skin crises. Ideal for users requiring intensive treatment to solve serious skin dysfunctions stemming from physiological problems, such as sever dehydration, skin slaving, premature ageing, or metabolic problems, such as stretch marks, deep set cellulite, and hairiness. Intensive products work together in various regimens to correspond with your skin condition. See the Institut Esthederm Line

Amore Pacific, Skin Care

Amore Pacific Skin Care

Amore Pacific focuses the brand around the healing effects of Korea's green tea. By using rare Asian botanical ingredients mixed wtih cutting-edge skin sicne, Amore Pacifc skin care line embodies overall wellness and healthy, youthful skin. Amore Pacific has been harvesting, nurturing, and perfecting complete skin care solutions for 40 years. See the Amore Pacific Line

Perricone MD, Skin Care

Perricone MD Skin Care

The new version of N.V. Perricone M.D., Perricone MD offers solutions for preventing the signs of aging, correcting existing damage, preventing and treating acne or targeting specific concerns. Simply pick the program that addresses your skin care needs. See the Perricone MD Line