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September 2008

September 2008: New Products

We have some great new treats this month, including brands new Microneedle Skin Roller Kits for collagen growth, b4Bra Breast Implants Sizing Tool, a high-end brand called Institut Esthederm, an organic line called Clark's Botanicals, and many more. Those are just a few to go along with several more hot brands.

New Brands for September

Microneedle, Skin Rollers

Microneedle Skin Rollers Therapy

Microneedle Skin Rollers incorporate advanced microneedle technology for non-surgical and non-ablative treatment of various skin conditions, such as aging(wrinkles, stretching, fine lines), scarring(acne, surgical), and hyperpigmentation. One of the most efficient ways at ultimately stimulating elastin and collagen production, microneedle skin therapy is able to thicken the skin, erase wrinkles, and smoothing scars of all types. The Microneedle Roller uses 200 extremely fine needles, which penetrate the skin just enough to stimulate collagen and elastin production. See the Microneedle Skin Rollers


Breast Implants Sizer

b4Bra Breast Implants Sizer

Ideal for anyone considering having breast augmentation, breast reconstruction or other breast surgery, the b4Bra Breast Implants Sizer is a simple, yet powerful tool that enables women to better visualize the breast size that they desire and to determine more accurately how many cubic centimeters (also known as "cc's", which are the measurement of implants) their implants should be. See the b4Bra Breast Implants Sizer


Institut Esthederm, Dermato-Aesthetics

Institut Esthederm Skin Care

Institut Esthederm Intensive (Dermato-Aesthetics) Line incorporates the most effecitve actives in bio-cosmetology in maximum doses to immediately respond to skin crises. Ideal for users requiring intensive treatment to solve serious skin dysfunctions stemming from physiological problems, such as sever dehydration, skin slaving, premature ageing, or metabolic problems, such as stretch marks, deep set cellulite, and hairiness. Intensive products work together in various regimens to correspond with your skin condition. See the Institut Esthederm Line

Amore Pacific, Skin Care

Amore Pacific Skin Care

Amore Pacific focuses the brand around the healing effects of Korea's green tea. By using rare Asian botanical ingredients mixed wtih cutting-edge skin sicne, Amore Pacifc skin care line embodies overall wellness and healthy, youthful skin. Amore Pacific has been harvesting, nurturing, and perfecting complete skin care solutions for 40 years. See the Amore Pacific Line

Clark's Botanicals, Skin Care

Clark's Botanicals Skin Care

Clark's Botanicals is an organic skin care line with an inspirational story behind its founding. Clark's Botanicals was born out of tragedy when company founder Francesco Clark, suffered a crippling spinal cord injury in a swimming pool diving accident on June 1, 2002. With his central nervous system impaired, Francesco lost the ability not only to walk, but even to sweat. This led to clogged pores and chronic breakouts. His father, Dr. Harold Clark and him together developed botanically-based formulas that effectively rebalanced Francesco's skin, clearing it up entirely. See the Clark's Botanicals Line

Perricone MD, Skin Care

Perricone MD Skin Care

The new version of N.V. Perricone M.D., Perricone MD offers solutions for preventing the signs of aging, correcting existing damage, preventing and treating acne or targeting specific concerns. Simply pick the program that addresses your skin care needs. See the Perricone MD Line

SkinTx, Skin Care

SkinTx Skin Care

SkinTx skin care helps restore skin to a healthy state by using topical agents that work synergistically to regulate skin cell function, improve circulation, repair damage, and allow skin to act as an effective barrier. Each ingredient in these products has been selected for its individual and synergistic activity so that key cell types are regulated and angiogenesis is stimulated. See the SkinTx Line



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