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Clary's Wigs

Clary's Wigs, Falls & Accesories

Clary's Wigs is proud to serve customers and professionals internationally for over 20 years by offering an attractive catalog of human hair wigs and hairpieces with classics as well as contemporary styles. Featuring sophisticated designs, superb workmanship, superior quality and up to date approaches to the contemporary world of wigs, Clary's Wigs' products have been consistently ranked as the best, sought out by stylists, salons and customers seeking the long lasting, better quality, chic product.

Clary's Wigs are unique for their:

Individual Treatment: Each wig is treated individually in its hair selection process, construction and manufacturing. There is no mass production but only your wig!

European hair: Only the finest quality European human hair are used. Clary's Wigs has a long standing reputation as the company with the best quality hair in the industry.

Non-Treated Hair: At Clary's Wigs, there are only wigs that are produced from hair in their natural, unaltered state. This can be easily verified both through trained hand feel as well as microscopic tests.

Natural Colors: All colors are 100% natural European human hair. There are no synthetic products. There are no Clary's wigs that are dyed, bleached, or processed products. For all custom orders, hair is blended to the client's desired shade.

Curls: Clary's wigs' curly and wavy styles are considered unique and hard to duplicate.

Clary's Wigs are more expensive than other wig brands, because 100% European natural and unprocessed human hair is considerably more costly to purchase (approximately 5 to 6 times more expensive than Indian and/or Asiatic hair). In addition, 100% natural unprocessed European human hair requires labor-intensive professional hand work, unnecessary with hair purchased already prepared for use such as Indian hair.

The following Clary's wigs, falls and accessories are available at our Wigs Store (Women & Men):