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Custom-Made 100% Human Hair Wigs

Custom-Made 100% Human Hair Wigs

In this area of the store, we assembled the best companies that are known to make the most beautiful custom-wigs. You will find the leading designs of custom-hair wigs in the world, with the highest quality available today. In this area, we sell only wigs that are produced from hair in their natural, unaltered state. This can be easily verified both through trained hand feel as well as microscopic tests. Creating these wigs is a longer process as they are made from 100% natural unprocessed European human hair and this requires labor-intensive professional hand work.

You may be asking yourself how is a custom 100% human hair wig better than a regular human hair wig and what is the difference between these two types of hair wigs.

Custom Wigs looks more natural and last longer

It is obvious that a custom human hair wig will look more natural and will require less care than a regular human hair wig. In addition, a custom wig will last longer � for about 5 to10 years while a regular human hair wig will only last for about 1 year and will not look as good after the first few months of wearing it.

Better quality

The difference in price depends on the quality of the hair used, and also in the construction of the cap. It is a common misconception that all human hair is created equal. Human hair quality varies widely depending on the ethnic and genetic characteristics of the grower.

Moreover, some human hair wigs can be made from human hair with poor texture or quality. Just because the label says Human Hair does not mean it is "good quality" hair.

Importantly, the hair used in Custom Wigs is NOT treated, neither processed. Natural Human Hair wigs means that the hair used is a human hair processed, from which the cuticle has been chemically removed by placing the hair in an acid bath. This process is done when the hair is harvested in large quantities and is performed in order to minimize tangling. The quality is determined mainly by the texture of the hair. Fine, silky-textured hair is generally considered to be higher quality than coarser textures. However the coarser textures are very strong, and tend to withstand a lot of chemical processing. Since it is more plentiful, it also tends to be less expensive than the finer hair. This is why a lot of manufacturers use this type of hair. Also, regular human hair wigs are made from �'Remi hair'' while a beautiful custom wig is made of �'Virgin Hair''. Cuticle hair (also referred to as Remi or Remy hair) is hair which retains the cuticle (outer layer), but may have been colored, treated chemically or permed. Virgin hair is hair which has never been chemically processed in any way, and the color and curl pattern appears exactly as it came from the grower. The finest texture in wigs continues to be European human hair. The major advantage is that you can usually style the wigs the way you want and often change that style very easily. They are like your own hair in responding to complete styling changes, accepting perms or even changing the color.

Easier care

The down side with regular human hair wigs is that, just like growing hair, all human hair wig styles lose their shape when wet. Your human hair wig will require re-styling each time you wash it. On the contrary, Custom wigs will look natural, even �'under'' rain and will simply look like your own hair when it's wet.

European Human Hair

This is the finest hair available for wigs. Most European hair is processed to remove the cuticle, and like most other human hair used in wigs, it may be bleached and dyed for uniformity of color. The texture and appearance of European hair depends on its origin. European Human Hair (EHH) differs in quality and texture, according to its origin. European hair is the best hair in the world because of its light weight, strength, texture and high protein content which gives the hair longevity. (Most human hair used to make wigs is obtained from Europe, China, Korea, Indonesia and India).

Not only is human hair heavier than synthetic fiber, it's also the most durable of all natural fibers. That's why we prefer to sell European hair. Though extremely rare, its high protein content makes it strong, fine, silky, shiny and long-lasting. You may find a less expensive wig on our wigsite, but it won't last as long as a European Human Hair Custom Wig. Investing in a European Human Hair wig will actually save you money in the long run.

How can I order a Custom-Made wig?

Custom wigs are based on individualized head measurements to insure optimal fit and cap comfort. You choose the style - whether it's your current hair style or a new look. You also select the hair color, length and cap type that you prefer.

Both our ready-to-wear and our custom wigs are made with the same care and concern for quality. Ready-to-wear wigs, however, come in standardized sizes: small, medium, large and extra large; standardized colors ranging from the darkest brown to the lightest blonde; standardized lengths and styles, of which there are a wide and varied selection.

Our Expert staff can help you design a wig that is matching the exact hair color you desire, which can be your natural hair color or any other color you prefer.  You can choose from a color chart or rather send us a hair sample and our �laboratory� will then obtain an exact human hair wig with a beautiful natural color that matches your sample.

The following Custom Human Hair Wigs are available at our Wigs Store (Women & Men):