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Georgie's Wigs, Falls & Accesories

Striding forward or sitting back, we all face different demands.  There is no single fit we all share, nor one look we all adore.   As we roll out an impressive array of styles, hair textures, and compositions to delight any head, we invite today's woman to pause, peruse, and discover the wig that will perfectly suit her personal pace.  With new hair types and styles, Georgie Wigs is certain to gratify you no matter where your busy day takes you.

As the consistent industry leader, Georgie Wigs is proud to surpass expectations once again, and make waves with this season's greatest breakthrough. Presenting a palette of options in styles, fits, and hair types, Georgie is ready to complement any lifestyle and suit the most unusual needs. As we always say: there is a Georgie wig for every woman.

Featuring sophisticated designs, superb workmanship, superior quality and up to date approaches to the contemporary world of wigs, Georgie Wigs have been consistently ranked as one of the best, sought out by stylists, salons and customers seeking the long lasting, better quality product.

Georgie Wigs can be more expensive than other wig brands, because most of the wigs are made of 100% finest European natural hair and unprocessed human hair is considerably more costly to purchase (approximately 5 to 6 times more expensive than Indian and/or Asiatic hair). In addition, 100% natural unprocessed European human hair requires labor-intensive professional hand work, unnecessary with hair purchased already prepared for use such as Indian hair.

The following Georgie wigs, falls and accessories are available at our Wigs Store (Women & Men):

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