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Biodermis/Epi-Derm Breast Surgery Scar Reduction Silicone Sheets (Pair) - 5 PACK (Self-Adhesive)

Biodermis/Epi-Derm Breast Surgery Scar Reduction Silicone Sheets (Pair) - 5 PACK (Self-Adhesive)

Overall Rating: 4.0 (4.33 out of 5)
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3 Reviews, 100.0% Recommend it, Overall Product Rating: 4.0 (4.33 of 5)

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expensive but worth it
February 23, 2007

Reviewer Rating:
4 (4 of 5)

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expensive, but worth it

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difficult to keep clean

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6 months

Reviewer: artina4
(fishkill, NY)
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these worked pretty well for helping the scars to fade. but they didnt work right away, you need to wear them pretty much everyday before you can notice a change. (im not sure if my scar reduction was just natural healing time or if it was sped up by these) they adhere really well at first, and the scars didnt just fade, the texture evened out too. i am pretty happy with the results overall. anyways, the down side is, they kind of start to smell bad after you wear them for too long. but once you take them off, you need to have a safe place to put them because they stick to themselves and are hard to pull apart, or if left uncovered, they attract dust easily. i recommend getting the cleansing solution to keep them clean and sticky.... regualr water doesnt rinse off all the dust and regualr soap decreases their sticking ability. i felt like they didnt last as long as the ad said they would.... but i was able to wear them for a few weeks before having to switch to a new pair. i recommend getting more than one pair... in addition, the sides were much longer than they needed to be so i ended up cutting off the ends and piecing them around the nipple area, but i guess they fit everybody differently.
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