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ProSonic Cleansing & Exfoliation Brush Set - 3 Speeds (comes w/ Cleanser & Microdermabrasion Cream - Free $45 Value) - Newly Improved!

ProSonic Cleansing & Exfoliation Brush Set - 3 Speeds (comes w/ Cleanser & Microdermabrasion Cream - Free $45 Value) - Newly Improved!

Overall Rating: 2.0 (2.43 out of 5)
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7 Reviews, 42.857143% Recommend it, Overall Product Rating: 2.0 (2.43 of 5)

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Nice item but I've found better, less expensive
April 4, 2013

Reviewer Rating:
3 (3 of 5)

What are the benefits/plusses of this product?
Rechargeable; multi-speed; nice cleanser and polish samples provided

What are the disadvantages/minuses of this product?
No large body brush; brushes are of questionable quality and difficult to change

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1 week

Reviewer: nannyloug
(Miami, FL)
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I purchased this as a Groupon deal. This brush is as described and it was delivered on time. I like that it is rechargeable; I haven't had it long enough to experience how long a charge lasts. I wish the unit had a hook or wrist strap so I could hang it in the shower. Also would be nice when it gets a bit slippery to have the added security of a wrist strap. I like that it has multiple speeds. My other brush is one speed. I wish the brushes were different. All three are small and they are not one piece but appear to be made of several pieces snapped together. I don't really notice much of a difference between them either. They seem a bit chintzy and make noise when in use. They are difficult to change. I have concerns whether they will last very long. The handle has a nice contour feel to it. I like the polishing cream that came with the brush. I will likely purchase more when it is gone. I purchased a battery operated brush similar to this one from ToileTree Products on Amazon which I like much better. It was less expensive, has a large brush for the body, a pumice attachment and two face brushes (soft and stiff). I was going to purchase a second one for my summer home but bought this Groupon instead. I do have concerns about the poor customer service mentioned in other reviews but I cannot verify since I have not had any issues. If I had not purchased the other brush I might not be dissatisfied with this one, but since I have a reference point I prefer the other one much more than this one. This brush performs as expected and has some good features so I would not discourage anyone from purchasing it.
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