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Mid Thigh Body Plastic Surgery Compression Garment Kit - Stages 1 & 2 (Rainey)

Mid Thigh Body Plastic Surgery Compression Garment Kit - Stages 1 & 2 (Rainey)

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5 Reviews, 60.000004% Recommend it, Overall Product Rating: 3.5 (3.6 of 5)

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Better to Buy Just Stage Two Garment and get Satge One Elsewhere
April 5, 2007

Reviewer Rating:
3 (3 of 5)

What are the benefits/plusses of this product?
soft fabric, well constructed, open crotch, good fit

What are the disadvantages/minuses of this product?
poor placement of closures on stage 1 garment. Digs into waist.

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1 day

Reviewer: electradesigns
(Yucaipa, CA)
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I bought both garments as a set but returned the stage one garment because the closure panel on the sides dug into my waist and was terribly uncomfortable. I went instead with the standard girdle from Morris Designs http://www.morrisdesigns.com/white-standard-girdle.htm. The closures for the Morris garment are on the center front and the inner thighs, which are a much wiser placement because these areas are smoother, whereas the waist is much to curvy for the zipper/hook panel. What i don't like about the morris girdle is the fabric, which is a stiff, power net fabric. The make-me-heal stage one garment is very soft and a much nicer fabric. I haven't had my surgery yet so I haven't had the opportunity to test any of the garments further than just trying them on, but I like the fabric and fit of the stage 2 garment. The morris garment is a fabric that does not conform well to the shape of my body and is too big on the thighs, whereas the make-me-heal garments hug and fit like a glove. They are hard to put on but that's the case with any girdle. I would not recommend this product because I didn't like the stage 1 garment but I have high hopes for the stage 2 garment. I would recommend you buy that separately. if your body is not very curvy at the waist on the sides of your body, the stage 1 garment may work well for you. I found that the closure panel buckled and dug in at the waist. It is better to put the closures on a relatively smooth area with no sudden dips such as a waist. I am giving this product a "good" because I think the fabric is very nice, and the stage 2 garment seems to have potential, but I would never wear the stage 1 garment. It hurt (especially at the waist) within 1 minute of trying on. Ideally, I would love the stage 1 garment made as is, but with closure placement on the center front and inner thighs like the Morris standard girdle. I couldn't find one like that. I said i have been using this garment for 1 day because I only tried them on. I hope that the fabric breathes well as my surgery is in April in California. I also think the placement of the loops for the straps is not correct. the loops should be closer to the armpits. When i tried these garments on, the straps intersected my breasts. I am a size small with 34C breasts. I will have to move the loops over myself to avoid having the straps cut into my breasts. What I like about the stage 2 garment is the simple seaming. There is just one seam down center front. Normally that would be dreadful if it had a crotch but since it is crotch-less there is no seam to ride up the crotch. I am a fashion designer specializing in custom corsets so I have a really good understanding of garment construction, fabric, etc.
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