The Fat Injections Recovery & Preparation World is almost ready.

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What is the Fat Injections Recovery & Preparation World?

The Fat Injections Recovery & Preparation World is a guide that will inform you and give you answers to all the issues (symptoms, complications, risks), concerns, problems, and questions that can happen before and after your procedure. Told from a woman’s point of view and reflecting years of research into the experiences of real women patients, this guide (which we call a "world" due to it size and depth) will also equip you with all the healing solutions, step-by-step guidelines, insider tips, and plastic surgery product recommendations that have proven to be most helpful to cosmetic surgery patients. This guide will also educate you about everything that you need to know about, do, or change in every area of your life from the moment you are preparing for your procedure until full healing is achieved (which can take weeks and months to resolve). This guide is a product of an ongoing research team effort that has never been done before in the plastic surgery industry. We go straight to the source and analyze the real-life experiences, testimonials, and insider advice of thousands of patients who have had the procedure. We objectively use these primary sources and findings and balance them with many others, including the healing philosophies and guidelines of many doctors and experts, medical journals, electronic/Internet sources, books, and all other available resources. The outcome is the most complete, objective, and accurate view of all the information. To constantly enhance quality, this guide will be regularly updated with new information that we find and answers to new questions that patients ask us to investigate.

Among the topics that will be included in the Fat Injections Recovery & Preparation World include: informing women about what specific personal care guidelines to follow for her surgical/non-surgically treated regions, how to safely conduct your hygiene (hair, face, body, and wound/scar care) and beauty routines (skincare, makeup, hair care) during pre-op and recovery (and what to avoid doing), which everyday activities you can do (and how to perform them without disturbing the healing) and which activities you need to avoid at different stages of the recovery, how to best care for your incision areas, what solutions can improve scar healing and minimize scar appearance, what products you may need to shop for ahead of your procedure, what home-related preparations need to be made, how to reorganize areas/rooms of your home to make them healing-proof, how to use camouflage makeup products and techniques to hide bruising, swelling, and scars, what are all the symptoms, problems, risks, and complications that may occur (including how a symptom/complication changes day-to-day in look and feel, is it noticeable/painful, etc.) and what solutions can treat them at different time periods, what foods and supplements will strengthen your body before surgery and maximize your post-operative healing potential, what homeopathic remedies and vitamins can be taken to minimize your symptoms, and many other topics that a patient needs to know about.

The Fat Injections Recovery & Preparation Guide is for anyone having the procedure, or someone who is considering the procedure and wants to be informed about the pre- and post-op phases of the procedure experience, or anyone who recently had the procedure and needs recovery information. You will be able to read and use the guide directly on the site and print out any page.