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15 days after surgery
15 days after surgery


I am wearing mascara only, my eyelids are still tender and swollen.

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anksy From: anksy | 2009-03-05 16:02:28

You look fantastic and hope you are still happy with your outcome.
I am considering a browlift along the hairline also, - how does your scar look now- is it really noticeable? or do you always have to have your hair covering it? And did it hurt along the hairline much afterwards?
Regards Annika in Australia

billys815 From: billys815 | 2009-01-16 23:50:24

You look so happy! I am 4 weeks since upper and lower bleph and a endobrow lift. My before eyes were much like your before. It's nice to see what I have to look forward to. I still have alot of swelling around my eyes but I look so much better and am happy so far. Thank you for sharing your pictures. You look great!

Elyssa From: Elyssa | 2008-12-31 20:12:09

You look wonderful. I love to read success stories.
Do you really have one blue eye and one green eye ? I noticed that on your last photo.

lovelylooloo From: lovelylooloo | 2008-08-13 19:29:14

Thank you so much for posting all of these pictures without a password. I am day 2 and look like a monster! I was looking through albums and everybody was skipping what I look like. Eyes swollen shut and pumpkin head. Your album gives me hope because right now I cant believe I will ever look like anything but a star trek freak. You look great.

lovelylooloo From: lovelylooloo | 2008-08-13 19:27:17

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