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5 weeks post op
5 weeks post op


No makeup. It is what it is. :) Better day today.

*The day before I started using Dermatix C scar cream (bought in Canada). I noticed a difference this morning when I washed it off.

I was using Cortaid to tame the redness, then polysporin, which worked really well and sometimes Mederma which drove me mad with itchyness. I'd alternate between the three. Not a good idea I think. Though out of all, a smear of Cortaid before bed followed by Poly/Neosporin seemed to help.

The current product information for Dermatix is here:

It's made by Valeant and can be bought behind the counter here.

In the states:
Manufactured by:
Hanson Medical, Inc., Kingston, Wa 98346, USA
Valeant Pharmaceuticals International, Costa Mesa, California, USA.

About it:
Dermatix C is a topical silicone gel that is transparent, dries quickly and helps maintain skins moisture balance while aiding teh management of damaged skin surfaces resulting from surgery, burns, acne, scarring, laser resurfacing and injury.

It has been shown to FLATTEN, soften and smooth scars, relieve teh itching and discomfort of scars as well as reduce the REDNESSS and DISCOLOURATION associated with scars.

*whew* that was a bit much but hopefull you will find it helpful. I thought about ordering the Scar Esthetique from the MakeMeHeal site. Not sure yet. :)

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