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I wish I took a picture at day nine since there was a bit of change from day eight!
Day ten here.
And believe me, when they said I could wear makeup on that day I did just that!
Granted it could rival that of a circus performer but nevertheless it's makeup and it works.

The scars are still there underneath. A bit raised too. Still bothered by them but I'm a bit relived to see myself looking more like my old self, only with bigger, brighter eyes!

*So funny as I've been going on wacky sleep all week and crying I have NO BAGS under my eyes like I would if I didn't have this surgery.

Also, though still swollen I have more surface area on my upper lids. That will keep getting better as I heal.

Today is the best day for me mentally and physically. I was able to do a bit more, felt good about venturing out... even to dinner with my sweet husband.

High hopes that things will progress beatifully and am very happy thus far! :D

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dljarvix@gmail.com From: dljarvix@gmail.com | 2012-03-25 09:33:46

Thank You for day to day photos. I just had my SG yesterday I am wearing sun glasses because my kids don't want to see my eyes with stitches. You look Fabulous!!! Thanks again for photos. Can you still apply makeup on the incision line on day 10???

menina From: menina | 2011-11-20 17:45:25

Your eyes look amazing

lauriannni From: lauriannni | 2010-03-26 13:33:35


goldennose From: goldennose | 2010-01-06 13:56:44

I just got a message from someone (MMHeals link isn't working so I don't know who to respond to directly, my apologies) regarding what make up I'm wearing on day 10.

It's pretty much my same every day makeup. It's hiding things well, you can still see the incision a little but it's bette with make up than with out.

~Prescriptives colour match foundation even over the eye lids
~"Eye Bright" from Benefit. It comes in a stick and I used it under my eyes

~This is the most important step and it comes in a set of concealer and powder to set: Bobbi Brown's Creamy Concelear in Warm Beige which hides the redness and Pale Yellow powder which looks translucent to me.

~Demablend is fantastic as well if you don't care for Bobbi Brown. Match your skin tone and set it with powder.

~Cliniques eyeliner in Espresso

~Clinique colour surge eyeshadow duo in Sunburst. Only I didn't use the sunburst colour I used the lighter shade that came with it.

~Very carefully curled lashes with MAC's Zoom Lash mascara in black.


AM2010 From: AM2010 | 2009-02-25 07:10:24

Beautiful results! Thanks for yor step by step comments.It's putting me at ease to read these stories-My upper bleph surgery is Friday...

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