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Day one. February 10
Day one. February 10



OK, so I wasn't prepared for this mentally.

It was a tad jarring at first. It looks painful but I was actually OK with mild discomfort managed by medicaion. The only uncomfortable thing that occured was when I awoke my eyes were stuck shut. Easily remedied with a warm wash cloth.

I also had a bit of a tweaking to my nose, hence the tape.

EDIT: 2 years later, 2011 and I have had collapse to my nose base, columella retraction and fat reabsorption. My nose is being revised by another surgeon and will require rib grafting it is THAT BAD.
Major bummer. MAJOR BUMMER. :(

I had about 11 millimeters of skin removed on my upper eyelid area along with some fat.

My lower lids had an INTERNAL incision to remove the fat pockets. Then an EXTERNAL incision to remove some loose skin.

The internal incision on my lower lid didn't cause me an ounce of discomfort and required no stitches.

Years ago I had lasex surgery. I was told that my vision could be temporairly altered from the surgery. It wasn't. Just a bit blurry due to teary, gooey, swollen eyes the first two days. As I gently used a cool compress the swelling started to diminish and my vision became better since I could fully open my eyes.

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