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eye scars still red lids pink and scars very high I think?
eye scars still red lids pink and scars very high I think?


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Bluerain From: Bluerain | 2007-09-20 17:16:36

I had upper eyelift and the scars looked high where u could see them but after time they will drop and that will be your new fold. The red will go away also.

Hang in there :)

I also had surgery on my forehead for cancer on one side of forehead. The scar was about 3' long from side right to middle .

My eyebrow was so high and looked even odder next to the other.The doc said it will come down but i didn't belive him. But it did come down after about 4-7 weeks if i remember correctly.

Hang in there a little longer and see what happens before you get anything corrected.


faceache From: faceache | 2007-09-20 12:09:23

The surgery has taken years off you! I really cannot understand why you are so stressed. Please be patient, you do look lovely. Please dont give Dr Viksraitis a hard tame he has worked wonders on your face.

queeniecups From: queeniecups | 2007-09-20 05:41:27

Hi Cuenca, i see what you mean abut your upper scars being high.Sorry you are going through this worrying time. On the plus side can i say that your scars will fade a lot more and that you stll have much internal healing to do, so you should see a big improvement. You have the face of a young woman in her twenties. Please try to keep positive. Best wishes to you.

Iines From: Iines | 2007-09-17 04:27:32

Cuenca, you look like a young girl in your after-pics!! I do not think you should be disappointed, it is early days! I think you will be REALLY happy with your results! :O)) Iines

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