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hollowed eye sockets. Unattractive results


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Album Description

this was a very aggressive surgeon. I do not recommend her for this surgery. She left my eyes hollowed and sunken. My brow rests on eye lids and there is no longer the natural crease or fold which defines your eye and it's shape. This doctor will never admit to any error,and tell you to give it time. Time will never correct this mess, or give me my god given eyes back.She raped me of my genetic identity. I no longer resemble my family or children.This was a traumatic, depressing and emotional experience that I may never recover. Beware of your plastic surgeon. Skill is important and this surgeon has none for being in practice this long. RateaM.D.com has other ratings from patients and they are not favorable. Face lifts don't seem to go well either.Plastic surgery can leave you DEFORMED!!! Do your homework, wish I had.


Comments (3)
vickisue22From: vickisue22 | 2010-02-08 13:58:25

Thanks to all that wrote with encouragement and have also been at the hands, of the many unskilled plastic surgeons practicing today.
Dr. Meronk in Cal. is suppose to be good at upper eye lid strip fat grafting. Some reviews are good,others not. I have had fat grafting through injections and only 15% stayed. This is the most logical, less invasive procedure for volume in upper eye's. However, finding a skilled surgeon in that area isn't easy. You will need more than one fat injection, so travel can be a cost.Harvest and blood flow for fat cells to live and retain in upper lids is tricky. You may need several injections, small micro amounts and in 3-6 month intervels. Oxygen therapy is also recommended for this procedure to help be successful.
Dr. Lam has some bad reviews, like Dr. Meronk. We are all indivisuals, with similar issues, but different degree's of correction, skin type and cell viabiltiy.
What works for one, maynot for another.
I'll keep looking and also helping others that are looking into plastic surgery to do your homework, know your procedure and doctor. Victoria Vitale Lewis is whom did mine and not recommended.She changed my life to a negative forever.
If i hear of one, excellent in eye reversion, I'll let the world know.
janeseymourFrom: janeseymour | 2010-01-26 14:45:17

I am so sorry to hear this Vicki. I know exactly waht you mean. I had plastic surgey recently and am wondering if I will ever look the same! Raped of genetic identity is such an understatement too. I feel disfigured and am ashamed to go in public. I feel like a freak.

Please don't lose hope but just know there are people out there who are going through similar. Best of luck.
LU.comFrom: LU.com | 2010-01-03 12:00:59


don't lose hope. Possible some fat grafting could restore volume. I am currently looking into fat grafting or fat transfer - haven't found a doctor I know to be good yet. Dr. Yang on this web site said Mark Glasgold from NJ was good but I don't know this for sure. A doctor Sam Lam in Plano Texas sounds good and has a great web page but after researching him I have found a lot of bad ratings from some people - hard to know the truth. I would try Dr. Yang (think it was Mark) and find out who/what he would recommend. He was very patient and kind to one person emailing him about some similar problems who was a complete crazy and obsessed person. He was honest about what his capabilities were and gave some recommendations for specialists. Good Luck - Don't concentrate on what you don't have but what you have - OK. LU

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Member Details

Username: vickisue22
First Name: Vicki
Location: FL, United States
Gender: F
Age: 76
Height: 5'3"
Ethnicity: Caucasian

Procedure Details

Date of Procedure: 06-14-2002
Results: 1 (Regret doing it)
Weight: 105 lbs
Doctor Name: Dr. Victoria Vitale Lewis My Profile
City of Procedure: Melbourne
Sate of Procedure: FL
Country: United States

Eyelid Surgery, Blepharoplasty:
Eyelid Surgery Type: Transconjunctival (incision inside eyelid)
Lids Treated: Both Upper And Lower Lids

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