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Post Op day 4
Post Op day 4


Got stitches out of upper lids and out of skin flap below eyes. Incisions look good. Bruising is better, had I not gotten sick vomiting in the recovery room I would not have bruised as bad. I had some sinus surgery done that caused bleeding in stomach which in turn caused me to get very sick. I had about 6 wrinkles below my eyes and lots of wrinkles on my eyelids which are all gone. Super excited!! Also, working on skin with a derma roller, my doc did a large roller in surgery and I am starting with a smalller one next week and also using a hydrating peptide gel daily. I have lots of past sun damage.

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tkr6263 From: tkr6263 | 2012-12-22 07:48:13

Had I not had sinus surgery I would been fine. Everyday bruising better just still swollen. I am sick with upper respiratory crud now. I gave been taking lits if vitamin c but then my daughter got sick and my son and I got tagged with it now.

glamone From: glamone | 2012-12-21 02:27:56

You look great! I am super paranoid about getting sick afterwards myself! They have me on Emend the morning of and then taking Phenergan with my pain meds after that... Fingers crossed!! Keep posting!!

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