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DO NOT! GO TO THIS MAN! I wanted lipo of my upper back, my upper arms & tummy; areas I cant lose with just diet and exercise. I got a butt lift with fat transfer from my bra line, tummy & thighs and I had a tummy tuck. I still have fat still on my back especially on the right side, the right arm didn’t get lifted at all, my butt is NOT round or smooth, but dented, sagging and has these weird knobs on the side of both my butt cheeks, that they TOLD me would go away in a few weeks. He missed my butt & injected a mound of fat on my right hip that makes my hips look wider and visibly uneven, he even left a wire in my butt after the last of 3 FAILED fat transfers to my butt & there is still something in there now that creates this lightning sharp pain in my butt when I walk. The tummy tuck he gave me was a half ass job, 3 of my friends have had tummy tucks and they were way worse off than me & there tummy tucks are awesome. I sure he didn’t tighten my muscles or anything because I was able to touch my toes 8 days after my tummy tuck, my best friend was still slumped forward after 3 weeks because she had a REAL tummy tuck. If I had not pointed out his obvious screw ups he would have never stepped up on his OWN and said this is not satisfactory and I need to fix this. Even after being drastically disappointed with his work, I gave him a chance to rectify the issues to no avail. With this guy, 3 procedures turned to 6 procedures, I’ve had 2 butt lifts, 3 lipo/fat transfers to my butt, was about to have my 2nd arm lift (where the right one looks exactly like before except for the scar), a half tummy tuck & from the lipo suction to my bra line I look like I have leprosy. The butt procedures were the most awful pain I have EVER experienced, that 3rd butt procedure I thought I was dying. He NEVER gave me copies of the forms I signed prior to my surgeries which Is required, but once I asked for my medical records I got them and get this he charged me .50c per page for the consent forms that I was suppose to get for free! But here is the punch line… I was pregnant during my first 2 procedures,until I had a miscarriage, from all the meds & anesthesia I had in my system. I miscarried days after finding out, sonogram confirms. They did blood work and tests. There were 3 red flags on the lab results that I didn’t see until I ask for my medical records to give to my attorney. He never discussed the labs with me (because he already had $9400 in his account). This man knew I was pregnant & I lost my child.
I decided not to have the tummy tuck scheduled for June 26, 2012 an instead had him fix my butt first, no use letting him BARF up procedure 3 when: #1- the first 2 procedures were a FLOP & STILL needed correcting,
#2- my tummy isn’t that big an issue for me anyway I just don’t like the stretch marks above my navel, so I can do W/O a tummy tuck & just get tummy LIPO & get a credit for the tummy tuck minus the tummy Lipo cost right? Wrong! I asked “miss” management 3 times for over 3 weeks for my credit and she said she had to total it up. Finally, July 16, 2012 the same day of my 3rd & most painful butt lift/fat transfer, she handed me the refund, of course I was confused when I look at the amount on the ticket. I was charged for hourglass procedure even after I told the manager I didn’t need or want it because I already have an hourglass figure & they charged me for the thigh lipo after the 2nd failed fat transfer to my butt. The end of July I went in to this place complaining of something painful poking under my skin in my right butt cheek, 3 times I mentioned it, non of the nurses knew what it could be even after touching it. So August 4th it finally broke through my skin and was snagging my sheets and my clothes, it was like a hard wire. August 6th I showed the nurse and because doctor was out of town she cut it down with scissors so it wouldn’t snag my clothes. She told me to come back on August 8th to let the doctor see it. August 8th he had to do a surgical procedure to remove the wire that had been left in my but for over 4 weeks! So then the doctor walks in & I address my concerns about my results & he offers me the tummy tuck for that same credit which was now only $1000. I took the doctor up on the tummy tuck offer, so I gave “miss”management the cash back, but as you see they wanted to keep as much of my money as they could.
The manager can’t seem to even manage a simple phone. On 3 separate occasions she failed to call me about scheduling or procedural changes necessary. (1)She gave my surgery appointment to someone else, lied to the receptionist, telling her I called and said my mother was ill so I wouldn’t be coming. So when the manager gets there (20 minutes later) she was very apologetic but in the same breath asked me to come back at 2o’clock because there was already another client being prepped for surgery. So I told her “NO… tell them to come back at 2 o’clock I’ve already got people scheduled to help me at a certain time today”. But how convenient there was an opening for me at 2 o’clock already. (2) I come in for the arm lift correction appointment (July16, 2012) they tell me the doctor would be out of town in a few days, so I could NOT have “ a cutting procedure” because he wouldn’t be available tend to the incision if there were any complication while he was away (VERY understandable) but call me ahead so I can decided on an alternate procedure & have the correct garments with me. (3) Oct.22, 2012 I go in for my 6th procedure, the arm lift correction (since I had to switch it the last time) “The doctor is out of town” SHUT THE FRONT DOOR! NO CALL AGAN! So the receptionist tells me I need a consultation for this SAME arm lift correction that I have had to reschedule In July & was being STOOD UP for right then. MIS-MANAGEMENT.

The very next morning Oct 23, 2012 I go back in for this consultation and after the doctor quickly scribbles the details confirming it needed correcting…and as he and I are walking out the consultation room, he says to me.” I hated to come back to work (PAUSE) because of you.” Then he laughs, and of course I was not amused but highly offended, devastated & humiliated by him for the last time. Their tactic was to rattle me so that I would just walk away and never return but they have robbed me of more than just money. Because of this mad man….I’ve lost my unborn child (pregnant during my first 2 procedures according to my sonogram). That I’m SURE doesn’t bother him in the least. In his BOARD RECORDS it describes how he viciously induced the miscarriage of his unborn child. I lost my job (allowing him to CORRECT his half assed procedures), I’ve lost the pride I had in my appearance, and yes almost $10,000 I’ve wasted with him. Consider yourself saved. Just go to the “THE MAN” pay more & have it done right the first time, its not worth the aggravation, the lose of self, sleep, & money for corrections.


Butt Lift, Brazillian Butt Lift, Arm Lift,Tummy tuck, Fat Transfer, Lipo, liposuction, fat
Comments (19)
iAmYourKarmaFrom: iAmYourKarma | 2017-03-15 20:28:24

This man has lost his privileges AGAIN as of March 2017. These comments of positive results were just by luck and grave of God. He needed to be shut down long ago. Ladies, ALWys always always.... check the state board before using services of anyone with a license. Whether massage therapist dentist or physician. It will save you so much angst.
iAmYourKarmaFrom: iAmYourKarma | 2017-03-15 20:28:13

This man has lost his privileges AGAIN as of March 2017. These comments of positive results were just by luck and grave of God. He needed to be shut down long ago. Ladies, ALWys always always.... check the state board before using services of anyone with a license. Whether massage therapist dentist or physician. It will save you so much angst.
iAmYourKarmaFrom: iAmYourKarma | 2017-03-15 20:27:35

This man has lost his privileges AGAIN as of March 2017. These comments of positive results were just by luck and grave of God. He needed to be shut down long ago. Ladies, ALWys always always.... check the state board before using services of anyone with a license. Whether massage therapist dentist or physician. It will save you so much angst.
iAmYourKarmaFrom: iAmYourKarma | 2017-03-15 20:24:40

This man has lost his privileges AGAIN as of March 2017. These comments of positive results were just by luck and grave of God. He needed to be shut down long ago. Ladies, ALWys always always.... check the state board before using services of anyone with a license. Whether massage therapist dentist or physician. It will save you so much angst.
nikitaallamly27From: nikitaallamly27 | 2016-09-02 11:37:06

I had a tummy tuck and lipo done by Dr. Ben April 7th of this year and I love my results great doctor and great work he was even referred to me by someone I have no complaints
QuasimodoFrom: Quasimodo | 2016-06-30 00:43:32

I looked at your pictures and I don't see any arm lifts? What's up with that? Your tummy tuck looks HORRIBLE! Not to make you feel terrible, but what was the deep incision for if nothing was done to smooth and tighten your abs? And I looked at your back side pictures and your cheeks and hips are uneven and one side is VERY DIMPLED! I am so sorry that you were BUTCHERED, not only physically, but emotionally and financially! This took a long time to recover from physically, not sure if you will ever emotionally and how are you going to get your money back for ALL OF THE BAD THINGS THAT YOUR BODY HAS GONE THROUGH? Can you write to BOTCHED? Dr. Nassif and Dr. Dubrow might be able to help, but one thing at a time. It's not good to have a lot of procedures done at once. Good for the physician because they make more money, but traumatic for your recovery as a patient. I'm so sorry, this is TERRIBLE. Thank you for sharing this with us. Are you doing better?
sjade2222From: sjade2222 | 2015-12-06 16:10:55

i dont mean your review is fake i mean people who work for the docotors leaving fake reviews like "imjustkeepingitreal" down there, so OBVIOUS when its someone who works for the doctor as well
sjade2222From: sjade2222 | 2015-12-06 16:07:13

thanks for letting us know, so many fake reviews online im sick of reading them
latori12345From: latori12345 | 2015-09-25 16:32:04

Why do pple have to bring in race.miss keeping it real.you think she is lying fine! Whats withthe racism.you evil bitch.
He_is_a_doctor_not_a_magicianFrom: He_is_a_doctor_not_a_magician | 2015-02-06 07:35:01

I don't believe skill is based on race and it's sad to read that some Black people still hold opinions of inferiority of their own race. "The Man" has killed many people during procedures and botched many more. Why on earth would you go back and have more work done if you were so disappointed. At the first incident you should have brought your colored as to "The Man".
He_is_a_doctor_not_a_magicianFrom: He_is_a_doctor_not_a_magician | 2015-02-06 07:24:08

If anything the physician should have assured that her expectations were realistic. The integrity of that woman's body was severely compromised and out of shape due to being overweight. She needed a full tummy tuck but could probably only afford a half. I don't believe she didn't know that she was pregnant. Her body looks quite similar to the pictures on his website.
IsmellFraudFrom: IsmellFraud | 2015-01-26 14:59:13

I am going to have work done by him soon and my sister has also had a few procedures done and they all turned out fine , some people can never be satisfied. Try to working out because not being able to loose fat is a LIE.I have met him he is very sweet and serious about his patients so idk about him being rude and mean sounds very unsure.......I'll post my results later....chow.😀😀😀
ImJustKeepingItRealFrom: ImJustKeepingItReal | 2015-01-26 14:06:43

Not even "The Man" can give you the results you are seeking.
ImJustKeepingItRealFrom: ImJustKeepingItReal | 2015-01-26 13:33:34

This post is so fraudulent and an unfair stance against Dr O and his professional services. I as well as friends have had numerous successful procedures done by Dr. O. He is very thorough. YOU MUST DO YOUR PART. Cosmetic surgery isn’t a fi all PERIOD. Reading this slanderous post raised several flags. I am about to point out.
You can ONLY have so much fat withdrawn out of your body at once…Im sure he told you that! So of course you will have some fat left. Besides you are swollen for months so if these pics are prior then we see swelling NOT fat (even though there will be fat left)
With Butt lifts people cant sit on their butts for a long time….well over a month. Did you follow those instructions? Did you enough time off to stay off your butt? Did you stay in your garment the entire time? Probably not, hence the results.
I can look at your body and tell that you weren’t working out and properly dieting before or after!
Wire??? I thought it was some sort of thread they used for this procedure. SMH people have to learn to see the true intent of people who bash businesses. Seems as if you failed at follow your after procedure instructions and you’re trying to blame his practice for it.
The lightning sharp pain is probably your nerves. Which is NORMAL! I had a tummy tuck and the nerves will create a shocking sensation when trying to communicate in an area that has been abruptly changes.
Cosmetic procedures are not walk in the park. If you think about the procedures or watch a video you can see how forceful it is on the body.
The same procedure on different people render different results!
Your butt was very flat and without shape if this is the result after 3 fat transfers. A friend of mines had fat transferred, by Dr. O, to her breast that her body ending up metabolizing. THIS IS NORMAL hence IMPLANTS!
A FULL tummy tuck will remove that panther you thought was okay to put on your belly. If you were so disappointed WHY keep going back???? NO WAY I WOULD HAVE! I would have wanted my money back. SMH
So why didn’t you make sure he gave them to you since you are aware that patients are suppose to receive a copy. Maybe you lost them and just don’t remember ***side eye***
Once can charge you for copies…other practices do this as well. Dang you are complaining about EVERYTHING so far shesh!
Im pretty sure $9400 isnt much to him. Besides WHO, paying for cosmetic procedures, have unprotected sex with out contraceptives knowing they can get pregnant and would ruin all the work they are trying to have done. What red flags were on the test so I can google it and where are the pics of these so called ‘red flags”. You’ve posted pics of almost everything else!
Where is the proof you miscarried due to this procedure? 201 women in the USA miscarry every day and a couple of months ago I became one of those women of that statistic. I was taking care of my body…it happens. YOU should have taken pregnancy test and informed him that you could possibly pregnant. Participating in unprotected sex proves you are aware of the possibility so you are just as responsible.

If he knew YOU knew because I was tested numerous times by a dr and had sono’s and the results were negative. I STILL took precautions because I knew there was a possibility. So you mean to tell us that you felt he was responsible for you losing your child and you still got on his operating table???????????? Oh REALLY?????! SMH If this don’t scream B.S. I think I will cover his legal fees…I can when this case for him in court!

“my tummy isn’t that big an issue for me anyway I just don’t like the stretch marks above my navel, so I can do W/O a tummy tuck” - if that’s the case then WHY are you blaming him?! Im sure you told him you wanted to keep that panther lol So you thought he was going to be able to remove the damaged stretched skin from under the panther while keeping the tattoo in tact?! Silly! SMH

Sorry to inform you but he did an hour glass shape on you and this is the result….yes ma’am indeed you NEEDED that procedure because your surely didn’t have one! Lol
I cant recall the managers name, but if it is the same lady her name I think its like Anette, Anita, or something with an A and if so she is sweet and very helpful. She has called me back when I called and hung up. So this is hard to believe.
Of course you’d need another consultation so that he can see what your concerns are, review your records and discuss what can or cant be done. SMH again!
“Scribbled the details” everyone know all Dr’s scribble lol you’re so petty!
Lol “ He hates to come back to work because of you” I cant believe that at all. This man is so nice and sweet. Smh…You must really be making ish up now. So you mean to tell me that he said this and YOU STILL allowed him to operate on you?! Chile (child) you had a refund so why would you go back to him????? You should’ve taken your unhappy miserable, body abusing self somewhere else.
You lost your job because you were unhappy with your own self and went and continued to take off trying to get that pre-pregnancy body that you will NEVER have again BECAUSE you neglected YOUR BODY!
Oh so now you saying “The Man” oh I cant stand coon black negroes like you. “The Man” have screwed up many people! You didn’t go to “The Man” because “The Man” wasn’t going to allow you to haggle his prices and Im sure you were told that if you go in and speak with him he will work with you financially. “The Man” doesn’t have lay away plans they have “Credit Checks” for “financing” Im sure you u couldn’t get. Lol.

I am a REAL previous patient of Dr. O. I appreciate what he does for the community he is in. I travelled from the suburbs to have him do good work for me and I am pleased. Stop being lazy and get to a gym. Hire a personal trainer and STOP slandering people and their business!
Readers remember people who are pleased usually don’t leave compliments as they should but catch a mean hateful spiteful unsatisfied by default heffa and she will slander you all across the web. Kudos!
readyfanewtummyFrom: readyfanewtummy | 2013-02-04 22:15:44

I'm so glad that I read ur story because I was thinking about checking his office out but now that I see that his work and how heartless he is I will not be going to him at all....he is sick and only wants money....I'm so sorry that u lost ur baby because of him.
KickensFrom: Kickens | 2013-01-10 12:59:39

I give you the utmost credit for posting your story and pic's. The Dr offices are great for showing you perfect before and after pic's. How many would share before and after pic of a messed up job. I had breast implants, 1 for more size & 2 to make them the same size. I am left with 1 being bigger still and scars that have my nipples looking harable, again you put it out there for others to be awear I THANK YOU FOR THAT :) , I would be to embarrassed to post my pic, or let any one see them for that fact. 7500.00 to look worse then i did. God bless you and i hope you will find a way to make your self right & whole. I know money is the hardest thing, having to come up with it again to fix something.

Take care
bolusola1From: bolusola1 | 2013-01-04 08:33:06

We are tasked with the responsibility of educating and trying to make our patients happy with their results even more importantly with balancing their expectations. Our office has protocols, policies and procedures which enable us to function effectively. Patients review and discuss consent forms and are encouraged to ask questions about their procedures. We provide before and after pictures both on our website (aralilecosmetics.com) as well as in the photo albums we encourage our patients to view.
The majority of our patients are not only thrilled with their results they happily recommend us to their friends, we do however recognize and accept there may be others who for whatever reason we will not be able to please no matter how hard we work at trying.
juju5406From: juju5406 | 2013-01-03 14:03:39

Sounds like you need an attorney; not a doctor, and specifically not him.
landy2011From: landy2011 | 2013-01-02 07:00:27

Wow…soooo sorry to hear about this. You experienced sever loss due to this doctor. I know it would be painful to go through but I am proud of you for suing him for the loss of your child. You are always supposed to be given a pregnancy test before operated on... and for him ignoring the fact you were pregnant that was his neglect and attempted murder if you ask me. He needs to pay and I would never go under another opperation with him. He may not bring you back on purpose.

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