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These are pre-op photos. I'm going to Dr.Gongora July 27th 2009 for all over lipo , fat grafting to buttocks, mini arm lift, change 18 year old saline breast implants to silicone, & areola lift.


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DarkDvinityFrom: DarkDvinity | 2014-11-09 09:31:55

To see my results please go to my Post-Op Album.
DarkDvinityFrom: DarkDvinity | 2014-11-09 09:21:09

Thank you to every one that supported me. My surgery was a 100% success the best 10k I ever spent in my life :)
To those of you who do not understand, I'd been weight training for 10 years & looked great for a long time. But, things change dramatically when a woman enters menopause. The collogen in the entire body begins to break down & every thing begins to sag not just your face EVERYTHING. Excercise doesn't do it any more or at least not alone. You develope fat in strange places & no matter what type of excercise you do it will not remove fat from just specific areas & anyone who tells you different is lying to you! I was weight training & doing cardio & had a membership at a very nice gym/health spa it was what kept me as lean & toned as I was but because of the localized menopausal fat my hard work wasn't even showing any more. Dr Gongora sculpted my body back to the way nature made me & I couldn't be happier!!!
KellykollFrom: Kellykoll | 2011-05-24 06:00:44

I really wish you would rethink this. It never does go as well as you think it will. The more you have done the more you increase the chances something may go wrong. I have seen this happen so please reconsider. You do look great and hiring a personal trainer will help you to look the way you want to look. There is no easy way to get the body you have in your mind, not even though plastic surgery. Your whole body will peel also from the anethesia. Lipo makes your skin look like cellulite afterwards. It separates the skin from the muscles/fat and it just never goes back to the smooth skin you have now. The pain is incredible as well. You need someone to take care of you for several days, changing the drains that you will have for each breast and from your tummy tuck. After being under the anesthesia make sure you have a bowel movement!! You will be scared to push due to the surgery but take lots of fiber pills or whatever the doctor recommends. It will be so painful if you get constipated and hurt even more. I really hope you would reconsider and try a personal trainer you will be so much happier with your body in the end. Good luck with whatever you do.
hotscott007From: hotscott007 | 2011-05-13 00:41:23

Wow, I don't think there are many guys that would look at your body and think you aren't already very sexy.
lavenderfieldsFrom: lavenderfields | 2011-03-02 18:50:27

you look really great already! soory you feel you need surgery to improve :( good luck anyways!
paravivianeFrom: paraviviane | 2010-06-03 11:05:13

I think you look great! I don't think you need surgery.
FLGirasolFrom: FLGirasol | 2010-01-23 19:10:36

DD: Looks like you will be in good hands. Best of luck to you dear. FLGirasol
Lizzi2223From: Lizzi2223 | 2009-12-24 07:55:13

And that "wish pic" looks sooooooo plastic. I definitely would not want to look like that.
Lizzi2223From: Lizzi2223 | 2009-12-24 07:54:25

I think you look fine already. Just some exercise and you'll be great. I wish my body looked liked yours now. You certainly don't need any surgery. I would save the money on surgery and just buy a gym membership.
arizonamommyFrom: arizonamommy | 2009-10-22 19:23:06

I think you look really good :) dn't wish to look like that fake chick I think you look way better :)
soulnirvanaFrom: soulnirvana | 2009-10-22 06:49:45

"...expecially your post op pics..."

On top of her photo-album it says pre-op pictures but she looks great nevertheless.
soulnirvanaFrom: soulnirvana | 2009-10-22 06:46:27

You are right mercedes, she does look great! Sorry I forgot to mention that.

I just felt that the Wish Pic with that Plastic Madonna looked ridiculous, that's all.
mercedes20070From: mercedes20070 | 2009-10-21 18:20:14

Wow, did anyone here say anything positive. DD you look fabulous, expecially your post op pics, you are an absolute knock out. Congrats.
SoulnirvanaFrom: Soulnirvana | 2009-10-12 03:23:03

Good luck with whatever you decide but from a guy's perspective your "wish pic" looks more like a man-made cow than a woman. I'm sorry, she just looks so incredibly "plastic" all over her body, not attractive at all in my view...
punkinhatFrom: punkinhat | 2009-09-15 19:55:00

SO did you do it or not? You look fine! I would love to have your arms as they are now..
kaydee20From: kaydee20 | 2009-07-31 18:19:50

Stop wishing for those ridiculous, impossible bodies. Those women don't have to work a job, they get to hang out in the gym and probably have some kind of science diet you and I could never afford, or would want to stick to. YOu have a really nice body, be happy with it and enjoy the gift.

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Member Details

Username: DarkDvinity
First Name: Laura
Location: WI, United States
Gender: F
Age: 61
Height: 5'4"
Ethnicity: Caucasian

Procedure Details

Date of Procedure: 07-26-2009
Results: 5 (Thrilled)
Weight: 122 lbs
Doctor Name: Dr. Gongora My Profile
City of Procedure: mexico
Sate of Procedure: *
Country: Mexico

Arm Lift, Brachioplasty, Reduction:

Breast Augmentation:
Pre-Surgery Breast Size: 36C
Post-Surgery Breast Size: 36C
Volume (cc): 401-420
Implant Type: Silicone Gel
Implant Shape: Round Low Profile
Implant Surface: Smooth
Implant Brand: Natrelle (McGhan/Inamed)
Incision Type: Inframammary (Breast Fold/Crease)
Implant Placement: Partial Unders (partial submuscular)

Breast Lift, Mastopexy:

Buttocks Augmentation, Lift, Implants:
Buttocks Augmentation Type: Fat Grafting

Liposuction, Alternative Lipo Treatments:
Body Area: Flanks/Love Handles
Liposuction Type: Ultrasonic Assisted Liposuction (UAL)
Volume Removed (cc): 0-50

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