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The incision for the thigh lift on the right is not in the crease. The crease is the dark shadow area about an inc able the incision...then you can see how uneven the mons is. It is worse now that swelling is way down.
Notice the red spots under the breasts where the incisions are very wide and the split is starting.

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Trustmeimaninja From: Trustmeimaninja | 2011-07-28 10:52:42

If your experiencing open wounds from your sutures splitting that are 2 inches or longer or that smell I would see a wound specialist. A majority of people are often dissatisfied with their results and often need other procedures done. Just remember your still healing and still swallen any procedure is going to leave us with Nast scars. Maybe your ps can give you an rx for scar therapy like silicone sheets. But if you honestly feel that there is something wrong like infection etc go to er not ps. But I can see what u mean by the one breast.. Hopefully you've been taken pictures daily or every other day.. But it's going to take sometime to see your improvement but good year to see the results. I know it's hard but give it time to heal.. Good luck

honestviewer From: honestviewer | 2011-05-22 12:16:36

I am sorry if things did not turn out as you would have hoped. How are you know that the swelling & scaring is down?!?

scarsmcscarson From: scarsmcscarson | 2009-12-28 16:22:58

How long after surgery was this pic taken? I think in time you will look better, stay positive.

hopeandjoy From: hopeandjoy | 2009-11-10 05:59:34

Looks like you've had a terrible time of it. But it is early days yet, perhaps things will improve as you heal?

I hope so.

FEE101 From: FEE101 | 2009-11-09 17:29:21

ohh dear . Im scheduled for a thigh lift and tt in jan .Im very nervous now after see what has happened too you ..God bless u

leechetta From: leechetta | 2009-09-22 03:11:43

I think it was wrong the incision was made in the inguinal crease and that many problems will develop in years to come for her. This type of incision placement can develop into a devasting clinical condition. Legs rotating outward and buttock drooping down and inwards toward the inner leg. No lap to provide ease in sitting and so on. Leech

Aphreal From: Aphreal | 2009-09-18 12:38:02

I disagree with cinz. She deserves an improvement, not one bad changed out for a more painful bad. Once you are the one with the scars, it's easier to understand where this woman comes from. Bless your heart. The split incisions will have to be addressed. I had the same thing. my PS revised them once they had been healed for a good 6 months. They were in the same places too. Took months to heal but it DOES heal.

Cinzano2 From: Cinzano2 | 2009-08-14 11:37:04

Not sure how much skin you had to take off, must have been alot. But even though it must be better now than before. I haven't had my TT and TL it's booked for NOV 10, but I would rather have scaring than the skin.....

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