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Before and After TT and BA


Album Description


I'm a Beauty Enhancement Awards Contestant!


This album is an official submission to the Beauty Enhancement Awards. (Read more about it.)


I'm competing in the following categories:
Best Breast Augmentation, Best Female Tummy Tuck


My Personal Statement:
I decided to have a tummy tuck after the birth of my third son. A combination of having 2 large babies and one still-born baby within 2 years was enough to leave me deformed and with a very bad self-image. Being in my 30s, I knew my body would not go back to what it was. I had lost all of the weight I wanted to lose and I knew that surgery was my only answer. My main issues were my distended tummy and associated loose skin and my droopy deflated breasts. It was embarrassing when strangers assumed I was pregnant still! In addition, I was suffering posture problems from the extra "appendage" on the front of me.

I saw three surgeons before I made a decision. The best option for me was a full tummy tuck with muscle and abdominal hernia repair, as well as silicon implants placed over the muscle to fill out my existing breasts. I was nervous about the implants especially as I feared they would look fake or too big.

The operation went extremely well. I had minimal pain and no nausea thanks to a wonderful anaesthiologist (sp?). There was really no pain to speak of after a day or two and I went home feeling good. My only challenge was taking care of my youngest baby who still needed to be lifted alot, but my husband helped me there. The worst part for me was the binder I had to wear, but that only remained on for 4 weeks.

I am absolutely thrilled with my results. My breasts are exactly the same size they were before I had children (a 10D) and look totally natural. My tummy is tight and flat as a board. My scar is barely noticeable now, except for the ends which were revised 10 months PO. My body is the best it has ever looked my whole life, and that is certainly saying something now that I am 34! I can wear whatever I like, my movements (I'm a dancer) are totally unrestricted now, and I feel so confident in my physical self. I feel very liberated.

To anyone considering this surgery, be realistic about your body and what results you think you can achieve. The cost of these procedures was very high, but I'm still relatively young and have the rest of my life to enjoy it. I have absolutely no regrets and am thankful that my results have far exceeded my expectations.



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    Comments (16)
    smokinmom13From: smokinmom13 | 2010-03-03 07:22:08

    Wow your befores are very similar to me & I am SO looking forward to my afters! Waiting until sx date will be difficult =)
    nocgirlFrom: nocgirl | 2009-09-05 23:08:29

    You look incredible. Nice results!!
    32nlovelyFrom: 32nlovely | 2009-02-23 06:45:15

    I looked at your pics and thought OMG she has my body! You look absolutely beautiful and i hope my results turn out half as good as yours! Congrats I know your feeling like a queen
    NinajFrom: Ninaj | 2009-02-19 16:16:38

    What an amazing transformation -- I'm your "before" and I want to be your "after" -- thanks for giving the confidence that it could happen for me, too!
    angie000From: angie000 | 2008-12-30 03:45:57

    AMAZING you look soo good! thanks for sharing!
    RiniFrom: Rini | 2008-09-22 20:48:55

    Thank you so much :) I continue to enjoy the results every day.
    formergloryFrom: formerglory | 2008-06-29 06:08:18

    You look amazing, thank you for sharing your story and pics. I keep looking at these before and afters because it keeps in perspective the big picture of what I am about to do. I'm so scared of first few weeks, but at least the results are worth it in the end if I turn out anything like yours. :) Congratulations. From fellow Aussie too! :)
    GP0311From: GP0311 | 2008-02-07 13:02:40

    Holly Cow!!! Great before and afters. Very dramatic results. Awesome
    JenimondeFrom: Jenimonde | 2007-12-14 20:42:49

    You look really wonderful - and you do deserve it!!
    HOTLATINA08From: HOTLATINA08 | 2007-12-09 19:26:04

    ra_tay13From: ra_tay13 | 2007-08-11 10:40:19

    You must be so HAPPY! I don't even know you and I'm HAPPY for you. Way to go girl!!!!!
    americanwomancaFrom: americanwomanca | 2007-07-20 16:06:19

    One word: AMAZING!!!! You go, girl!
    briezzFrom: briezz | 2007-07-01 10:09:18

    wow you look wonderful.
    The pro pics show that you took consideration to what you would be doing & they really show off your results. You should be very proud of your decision.
    nuemiFrom: nuemi | 2007-05-24 22:14:11

    Thanks, for sharing your most personal photos. It makes it easier, for some one to make their final decision for surgery. You look great!

    TrueFrom: True | 2007-04-12 16:03:42

    I have to pay comment because I have the same problem with my breasts. Sure they sag, but they were more deflated and I was afraid a lift would put big round, flat things right under my chin. I was also afraid that BA with no lift would give me a wierd appearance.

    You saved my life!!! I believe I will have excellent results with TT and BA only!!! Thank you for sharing your story!
    dreamcometrueFrom: dreamcometrue | 2007-04-08 12:30:35

    The pictures came out awsome. What a big diference.

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    I'm a Beauty Enhancement Awards Contestant!


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    Username: rini
    First Name: Rini
    Location: *, Australia
    Gender: F
    Age: 45
    Height: 5'5"
    Ethnicity: Caucasian

    Procedure Details

    Date of Procedure: 12-15-2005
    Results: 5 (Thrilled)
    Weight: 120 lbs
    Doctor Name: Dr. Moore My Profile
    City of Procedure: Adelaide
    Sate of Procedure: *
    Country: Australia

    Breast Augmentation:
    Pre-Surgery Breast Size: 32D
    Post-Surgery Breast Size: 32DD
    Volume (cc): 281-300
    Implant Type: Silicone Gel
    Implant Shape: Round Moderate Profile
    Implant Surface: Textured
    Implant Brand: Mentor
    Incision Type: Inframammary (Breast Fold/Crease)
    Implant Placement: Over The Muscle

    Tummy Tuck, Abdominoplasty:
    Pre-Op Dress Size: 6
    Post-Op Dress Size: 4
    Tummy Tuck Type: Full Tummy Tuck

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