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Before my weight loss
Before my weight loss


This is me at 245lbs. Through diet and exercise I got down to 180. I could never get rid of my stomach with endless crunches. So I decided to go for the tummy tuck in 2005 with a BL and BA. I couldn't be happier. In 2006, I went for the Inner thigh lift. I still feel my thighs have excess skin. On june 13th, 2007, I am scheduled for lipo on inner thigh, butt, hips and stomach above the scar line. Then once the swelling has gone down on the thighs, I will have the revision done on the thighs. I really like the fact you can't see the scars on my thigh lift. I workout everyday and I feel if I can't get rid of something that's bothering me, I'll have my ps do it. I still can't believe it. I now weigh 169lbs. and am so happy. I hope I inspire any one who is thinking of doing any Plasitic surgery.

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cheek From: cheek | 2007-06-09 22:24:17

I think you look great. I really like your breast I want a breast lift bad but my my tummy and fat back are first. Then I will have to try to save up the money for the breast. how do you eat and how often do you exercise? I need to loose 30 pounds but cant seem to do it.

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