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Danitas new girls


Album Description

here they are sitting nicely..two weeks post op


I'm a Beauty Enhancement Awards Contestant!


This album is an official submission to the Beauty Enhancement Awards. (Read more about it.)


I'm competing in the following categories:
Best Breast Augmentation


My Personal Statement:
I am a mother of two wonderful children they are a blessing from my savior jesus. I take nothing in life for granted for i have made a mess of mine a time or two.I work out at a gym called bulldog gym staeted because of major mistakes i have made i now have High blood pressure..this is where i met my trainer mark took me under his wing and shared his gift of health and believe me he is a doctor in the gymit took us a bout 6 months to create hamstrings where there were none and starting a sixpack of abs, shoulders to boot also biceps and... tricepts but as hard as Mark tried the BREAsT still sagged..unknown to him I was contemplating an enlargement.Now I feel as if I am all balanced.. Mark Christensen and Bulldog gym has kept me focused and sober praise God and Dr Daniel Casper was sent to me to complete what God had started It took a while but when the time came he knew DR Daniel Casper was the man for my journey to be enhanced just a side note Casper the Friendly GHOST was a favorite cartoon of mine growing up. I am so thrilled and my husband is happy if I am happy he tries to down play his excitement with the new me but I have been with this man for thirteen years and I would Say he is TURNED THE HECK ON!! Well I can not wait to get back to the gym and smell the iron once again..my recovery thus far has been delightful only thing i Cant stand is not being able to be a pony for my 4 year old she Loves pony rides on mommy's strong back. My fifteen year old is still shy when it comes to talking to me he has issues with "sexy mom" his friends say I am so cool because i am tuff and sexy. well iam definitely a survivor and the Lord will be driving me to exactly where he wants me to be.



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    I'm a Beauty Enhancement Awards Contestant!


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    Member Details

    Username: shreddedwheat
    First Name: Danita
    Location: CA, United States
    Gender: F
    Age: 55
    Height: 5'4"
    Ethnicity: Black

    Procedure Details

    Date of Procedure: 12-12-2007
    Results: 5 (Thrilled)
    Weight: 140 lbs
    Doctor Name: Dr. daniel Casper My Profile
    City of Procedure: Pasadena
    Sate of Procedure: CA
    Country: United States

    Breast Augmentation:
    Pre-Surgery Breast Size: 36B
    Post-Surgery Breast Size: 36D
    Volume (cc): 381-400
    Implant Type: Saline
    Implant Shape: Round Moderate Plus Profile
    Implant Surface: Smooth
    Implant Brand: Natrelle (McGhan/Inamed)
    Incision Type: Periareolar (Areola)
    Implant Placement: Full Under Muscle (complete submuscular)

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