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First day without tape
First day without tape


Just got the tape off today. the nipples are still a little off, but I love them more everyday.

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Bonita_Apple_Bum From: Bonita_Apple_Bum | 2011-01-12 22:11:48

I love how your seams aren't noticible. Great work!

Christal33 From: Christal33 | 2010-11-28 06:01:39

They look great, and the scarring is healing so well. That's what I'm most afraid of, so it's good to see results like yours.

Crystal123 From: Crystal123 | 2010-11-26 22:38:32

what bar size is 480cc?

mydreamme From: mydreamme | 2010-11-23 08:44:38

I had 480cc saline implants places under the muscle. Im pretty athletic so the muscles were really sore and tight the first and second day. After that I was up and around on my own. Im a little over two weeks out now, and I still have some soreness in some areas. Ive already started back at the gym, cleaning the house, doing laundry...etc. All in all I dont think it was bad at all.

BillyRaysirus From: BillyRaysirus | 2010-11-23 07:08:49

omg they look well good! and your scaring is next to nothing already, your surgeon done a really good job. please can i ask if you had the implants under the muscle? how was the healing process?and pain ive got my full mastopexy with implants on 27th jan 2011. my boobs are worse than yours, more hangy, breast fed Two babies; Oh what size did you go to xxx

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