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Looking forward to fixing this!












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Not done yet but ready to go and appointment is for June 22, 2007. I was only able to get the thighlift and tummytuck done on June 22nd. Still too new to me to say if I am completely happy with results yet but so far everything is fine. In about 2-3 weeks I will go back and finish with lypo on neck and back and get the breastlift. OK on July 18 I had 2 liters of fat removed from my back and at the last minute that morning i dicided to put in some implants. After the breastlift I was naturally going to go down in size and I was not having that. I was a full c right at a d before but now I am and will stay a D. So i am happy. I dont have pics but I had a staff infection under my right breast. It is healing slowly but surely. Dr says it is going to take a while... meaning at least one month if not two months. On August 8th I went back and since I have no infections we finished the lipo for my neck. Now all procedures are done. Thank goodness. Now I get to chill out a while and heal. My husband will be back from Iraq by the end of Sept and hopefully he will like his new wife. Lets keep fingers crossed. After all this... My weight only went down to 187. Now Ask me do I care... No I dont! I am wearing clothes my 13 year old can't and look good wearin em!I had a guy run into a door at the store while lookin at me. I think I have had alot of progress. LOL.


Comments (9)
seanbearFrom: seanbear | 2009-01-12 20:23:49

Did the doctor shave your pussy or did you?
tazmen76From: tazmen76 | 2008-03-29 20:33:20

can you show some up to date picture. you seem to
have went though alot. if you can show some picture were your going out for the night. so we
can see the new shape.
dmajestyFrom: dmajesty | 2008-03-15 00:18:33

OMG! I hope you are okay! That does not look right at all! Please let us know how you turned out=( God Bless
athletic1From: athletic1 | 2008-01-27 10:06:56

Are you doing better? My prayers are with you....I had a TT and thigh lift w/lipo and my rear (literally) stitiches ripped out:( so I can identify eith your fears. My surgery was only 2 weeks ago....but ouch! Can't wait for inner legs to heal. My ps did the thigh lift without going down the leg...only scars between my legs.
Great.....except for the tear:( Boy, does my TT look good though:) I don't have my pics up yet, but still have one tube in....gosh I can't wait to get that out....tomorrow, I think. If you get a minute to let me know how you're doing, that would be great...you'll be in my prayers.
FlyawaybudgiFrom: Flyawaybudgi | 2008-01-08 23:25:07

you should not gave gotten that infection. i hear they are very rare these days. how are you now?
bonnetfaceFrom: bonnetface | 2007-11-10 11:30:49

I hope you are feeling better now. You are very brave. I am sure the doctor can fix whatever you think is not quite right. Just be patient and trust the doctor. As far as the infection, be sure to eat right and get lots of sleep. Thank you for sharing all of your pictures.
rdbaldwin96From: rdbaldwin96 | 2007-08-23 21:59:08

Well I had the huge problem with the skin or should I say the lack of it on my right breast. I am not getting straight answers yet as to what it is from however today I had enough leaking fluid for a sample. Hopefully I should know what is going on soon. I had it sewed together this past Monday. Today at the Dr.s office when squeezed fuid flew out. Hurt like hell at first but it released alot of pressure that I had that was giving off massive pain for me. Please lets pray we get this under control. Right now as it is, it will be fine as long as it heals and just need to have the implant removed and have a bigger one put there to make it even in size with the other one. I can handle that. I emotionally can not handle anymore infections. I understand healing is going to be forever but just to be on the road to actually healing is comforting. However as it all stands I dont know if I am healing or just waiting for another bomb to crash on me. Please if anyone has been through this please give me information. Good or bad. Not understanding is what brings tears to my eyes 24/7. Please someone help.
rdbaldwin96From: rdbaldwin96 | 2007-07-15 21:51:40

Even though I am still swollen I have already lost 5 inches in my w.aist
bronxbabe70From: bronxbabe70 | 2007-07-12 17:51:22

Hey me and you have the same body frame I will have mine done in September can you show more pic to see your progress I like to see more or less what I will look like thanks Cynthia,

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Member Details

Username: rdbaldwin96
First Name: Renee
Location: HI, United States
Gender: F
Age: 40
Height: 5'5"
Ethnicity: Caucasian

Procedure Details

Date of Procedure: 06-22-2007
Results: 5 (Thrilled)
Weight: 200 lbs
Doctor Name: Dr. Pasquale My Profile
City of Procedure: Honolulu
Sate of Procedure: HI
Country: United States

Breast Augmentation:
Pre-Surgery Breast Size: 38C
Post-Surgery Breast Size: 38D
Volume (cc): 341-360
Implant Type: Saline
Implant Shape: Round High Profile
Implant Surface: Smooth
Implant Brand: Mentor
Incision Type: Inframammary (Breast Fold/Crease)
Implant Placement: Full Under Muscle (complete submuscular)

Breast Lift, Mastopexy:

Liposuction, Alternative Lipo Treatments:
Body Area: Back
Liposuction Type: Laser Assisted Liposuction
Volume Removed (cc): 2001-2500

Thigh Lift, Thighplasty:

Tummy Tuck, Abdominoplasty:
Pre-Op Dress Size: 18
Post-Op Dress Size: 14
Tummy Tuck Type: Full Tummy Tuck

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