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Photo of Tummy Tuck Procedure to Remove Excess Skin and Tighten the Abdomen
Photo of Tummy Tuck Procedure to Remove Excess Skin and Tighten the Abdomen


A tummy tuck is apt for any healthy person seeking a good reduction in loose abdominal skin. At Beverly Hills Abdominoplasty centers, cosmetic plastic surgeons work with patients so as to customize the procedure therefore on turn out the required body contour. If, for instance, the fat deposits are restricted to the realm below the naval, a less complicated procedure known as a mini-tummy tuck might suffice. Photos of Tummy tuck procedures are performed underneath general anesthesia, therefore patients sleep through the whole operation. most typically, top plastic surgeons at Abdominoplasty Beverly Hills centers build an extended incision from hipbone to hipbone, slightly on top of the pubic space. A second incision is created to free the naval from the encompassing tissue. Next, the surgeon separates the skin from the abdominal wall all the high to the ribs and lifts an outsized skin flap to reveal the vertical muscles within the abdomen. These muscles are tightened by pulling them nearer along and stitched into their new position. This provides a firmer, flatter abdomen wall and reduces the waistline. The skin flap is then stretched down and therefore the additional skin is removed. a replacement hole is cut for the naval, that is then stitched into place. Finally, the incisions are stitched and dressings are applied. a whole abdominoplasty typically takes 2 to a few hours whereas a mini-abdominoplasty might take an hour or 2. Tummy tuck surgery is safe. most of the people come to figure once 2 weeks, whereas others take 3 or four weeks to rest and recuperate.

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