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marci2lip From: marci2lip | 2010-07-10 15:11:59

Thanks, jtiggywinkle. I actually didn't get anything done to my butt/legs and don't plan on it. Belly was not okay in my opinion and neither were my breasts. It's always nice to come here for support... Why are you here, Ms. Not so happyonyourown.

jtiggywinkle From: jtiggywinkle | 2010-07-04 19:48:39

Geez, aren't you the messenger of positivity there, happyonown. Why does it have to be that her husband wanted this done?? I have a very very similar body type to this, and would consider doing this in a minute if I had the money.
You look great - both before and after!!

happyonown From: happyonown | 2010-06-30 22:49:22

Again, you look fine to me! Nice legs/butt; you have a bit of a belly but good Lord, no big deal! & your breasts are hardly sagging at all. Let me guess....hubby wanted you to get this done, right? IF I'm right, did you suggest to him the same thing? At least, getting both his penis AND brain larger? Well, when you guys get divorced (we ALL DO), at least you will have a new body on his $$ We had a client whose spouse wanted $5,000 back for his "1/2" of her breast enlargement/lift. I guess having 3 kids wasn't enough body pain for you to go through, eh? Guess he didn't figure on her balking at that. NO WAY!! The judge agreed - hahahahaa!!

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