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Belly - 3wk P.op-sitting
Belly - 3wk P.op-sitting


Wow! Compare this to the sitting PRE-op & I'm so happy my breast look like breasts not sagging practically to my BB.

Dr did an AMAZING job - that entire bulge is just GONE - not sitting on my thighs anymore - I really do feel like a different person & am loving my new birthday suit so far

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newbirthdaysuit From: newbirthdaysuit | 2012-08-05 23:57:59

Dr. Pantoja was my Dr in Mexico - very happy with his work & follow up. Honestly pain was never really an issure (maybe the first 3 days when I was using pain killers before any pain set in)My low back hurt ALOT from the lipo- but nothing else ever really hurt - amazing - I think Dr. Pantoja is gentle while working on you on the table & that decreases post op pain. I *am* 46 years old tho(& had very low iron after surgery)and I have to say that the first month was pretty rough as far as mobility, swelling & just getting showered & dressed seemed like a real effort (especially the first 3 weeks). I'mnow almost 8 weeks & did some lifting a week ago and caused myself some pain that has lasted 5 days & my left breast has taken it's time healing - so you really just have to plan to give yourself even more time than you think you will need to heal ("just in case"). In general, now, at 2 months I feel pretty normal :)

Lilyc124 From: Lilyc124 | 2012-07-30 21:58:02

hi, great results! what doctor did u use in Mexico?

lydiab From: lydiab | 2012-07-27 10:02:51

u look great, you had a lot done all at once how long was you down and in pain

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