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When I was told that I needed a hysterectomy I was devasted until a thought crossed my mind that I could have a tummy tuck at the same time. Then I found out from the ob that I was going to have a laproscopic hysterectomy. I still kept my appt with the ps and even though I couldn't have the tt at the same time as the hysterectomy I decided to still have the tt done. I had my tt 3 weeks after the hysterectomy. I have 3 children which have stretched my stomach muscles. I am lucky that I did not have a lot of loose skin and no stretch marks (good genes). I am happy with the results so far. My PS keeps telling me to suck it in.


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crlegacyFrom: crlegacy | 2011-03-24 18:20:25

thnks for posting, looks great, im thinking of having the same 2 procedures
3weeksoutFrom: 3weeksout | 2010-04-15 18:52:47

Thank you so much for sharing. I am so ready for mine !!!! I can only imagine how awesome it must feel to go sans bra ! You look amazing !!! Your scars are really looking so nice . You and your hubby must be so pleased
caEMTFrom: caEMT | 2010-03-24 20:56:04

WOW! Your a total MILF! Great body, congrats! you have perfect breasts
coffeegirlFrom: coffeegirl | 2009-12-09 22:00:09

You do look great seriously! And so luck to have those good genes. I have not had children and I have the saggy skin and stretch marks. So, at 41 I am thinking of doing this. I have never worn a bikini but if I had a belly like yours I would, at least for a few years. Keep the photos coming.
hopeandjoyFrom: hopeandjoy | 2009-11-10 06:05:47

You look great.
Therunway2meFrom: Therunway2me | 2009-11-05 06:18:42

You look great Cathy.
4crew2From: 4crew2 | 2009-10-20 03:42:56

who is your ps? I really like your bellybtton. That is my fear of getting one of those wide circle belly buttons. Yours looks great! You don't seem to have much bruising. Can I ask you the cost? How about the pain? I am really afraid of the pain.
mbestFrom: mbest | 2009-10-14 09:36:29

You look awesome and you are so lucky not to have stretch marks. I had them about 3 inches above my belly button and they are right at my belly button so hopefully I will be in a bikini this year. I am only 28 and haven't been in a bikini since I was 20!!
UNovelGirlFrom: UNovelGirl | 2009-10-13 21:41:27

You look great - keep posting photos and posting to the boards; would love to keep up with how you're getting along! - BJ

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Username: oct1tummy
First Name: Ann
Location: CA, United States
Gender: F
Age: 52
Height: 5'8"
Ethnicity: Caucasian

Procedure Details

Date of Procedure: 10-01-2009
Results: 5 (Thrilled)
Weight: 157 lbs
Doctor Name: Dr. xxx My Profile
City of Procedure: Chino
Sate of Procedure: CA
Country: United States

Breast Lift, Mastopexy:

Tummy Tuck, Abdominoplasty:
Pre-Op Dress Size: 12
Post-Op Dress Size: 10
Tummy Tuck Type: Full Tummy Tuck

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