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I have had 4 kids and the last one separated my stomach wall so badly I could fit a fist in the middle of the muscles. I was looking perpetually 9 months pregnant, it was hard as a rock, and my belly button and extra skin were a bit more than unsightly. But the worse part was my stomach wall, so stuck out. Drinking or light eating would bloat and push my stomach out so bad, it was even hard to walk. I had a pain pump but removed it after 3 days. It was very tight and a month later, still is, but the pain is even less than eating a meal! Its really itchy...and if I have to sneeze its still sore.

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jdavy3 From: jdavy3 | 2012-04-22 07:50:22

You look amazing!! I'm having my surgery in 12 days! How far out of surgery were you in your after pic?

Marcee From: Marcee | 2012-03-25 05:35:49

Wow, you look amazing. I am 10 days out.... Still feeling blue, not sleeping. But everyday I get a little smaller, it's like Christmas! Post more photos.

brensmom From: brensmom | 2012-02-24 20:45:51

Wow! what a difference, you look great.

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