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My surgery is on April 30th in Birmingham, AL. I have lost a total of 54 pounds and now need the twins put back where they once were and the extra skin removed from my belly.

I sure hope I get the results that I am hoping for.


tummy tuck, breast lift

I'm a Beauty Enhancement Awards Contestant!


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I'm competing in the following categories:
Best Breast Augmentation, Best Makeover - 30s, Best Female Tummy Tuck, Best Plastic Surgeon - Tummy Tuck


My Personal Statement:
I am a 36 year old mother of 3. After loosing 54 pounds in 10 months time and keeping it off, I had alot of additional skin that hung. It was very discouraging and I did not feel good even with my clothes on. I was not comfortable and wanted to improve my image. After many different meetings with a PS I decided that Dr. Michael Beckenstein from Birmingham, AL was the one that made me feel I was making the correct choice to have this done.

Some of my motivations was to improve my image with and without clothing. Also, I knew that my waist size would be greatly reduced with the Full Tummy tuck. Due to all the excess skin that was around my waist.

I am thrilled with my results and absolutely love Dr. Beckenstein. Dr. Beckenstein has some of the best bed side manners I have ever seen. He takes his job seriously and tries his best to make everyone look absolutely beautiful!!

If someone is looking to have a breast lift or tummy tuck. My advice would be to make sure to have someone there to help you for the first week to be able to get around. Dont push yourself too hard and be sure to avoid caffaine, smoking and salt during your healing period.



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    Comments (3)
    LetmebreatheFrom: Letmebreathe | 2010-05-05 17:26:10

    Hi, it will be one month for my tummy tuck, lipo f upper and lower back and flanks and hgad some fat redistribution. feeling great. the best thing I can say to you is to keep your garment nice and very snug. It will help you feel better and you will shape nicely. I use Try not to move too much and you will heal faster. GIRL POWER!!
    kimingramFrom: kimingram | 2010-05-05 15:43:53

    Well Im officially in recovery now!! Yippie. It is not as bad as I had originally thought. Dr Michael Beckenstein from Birmingham, AL is absolutely wonderful!!! The bedside manners of Dr Beckenstein are absolutely great!! So far I am very pleased with the results. Just awaiting the swelling to go down to see the true results.
    spunkee72From: spunkee72 | 2010-05-01 03:55:40

    well it's may 1st. I hope your surgery went well and everything turns out the way you want them to. I will come back to check out your pictures and maybe get the name of your doctor. I'm in NC so Birmingham AL is a pretty good distance but doable. Good luck with recovery.

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    I'm a Beauty Enhancement Awards Contestant!


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    Member Details

    Username: kimingram
    First Name: Kimberly
    Location: AL, United States
    Gender: F
    Age: 46
    Height: 5'2"
    Ethnicity: Caucasian

    Procedure Details

    Date of Procedure: 04-30-2010
    Results: 4 (Happy)
    Weight: 140 lbs
    Doctor Name: Dr. Beckenstein My Profile
    City of Procedure: Birmingham
    Sate of Procedure: AL
    Country: United States

    Breast Lift, Mastopexy:

    Tummy Tuck, Abdominoplasty:
    Pre-Op Dress Size: 6
    Post-Op Dress Size: 6
    Tummy Tuck Type: Full Tummy Tuck

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