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I've always wanted smaller boobs. I only had a hate-hate relationship with them. They've always been in my way. I was very envious of my friend who had hers 10 years ago. I finally plucked up the courage to see my GP and here I am, with itty bitty titties. It has all been so worth it!!!! :-)


Comments (10)
j_bryonFrom: j_bryon | 2008-07-25 14:28:05

Marvelous results! Congratulations!
janessaluvFrom: janessaluv | 2008-07-01 14:57:01

Your boobs look good...I hope mine turn out this good!!! I'm so scared!!!
atlanta01From: atlanta01 | 2008-06-07 12:50:41

Very pretty but I love the first bra you posted -it is gorgeous and I am going to try to find one just like it here in Canada.

You look great - congratulations!

nikbis01From: nikbis01 | 2008-06-01 02:46:12

OMG we are almost the exact same size!! Well, I've got 3" on ya ;-) but all the other specs are the same. So I guess I can go from a 34E to a 34B!!!!! I'm taking in your pics tomorrow. They/you look beautiful, congrats :)
KSuzieWFrom: KSuzieW | 2008-05-31 13:29:17

LOL I rated my own album!!! It won't let me rate again damn it.....
njkerryFrom: njkerry | 2008-05-29 13:03:28

I truly wish I had taken your pics with me for my sx! If you ask me, you are the perfect size!!! Love those pretty bras!!
missmeggieFrom: missmeggie | 2008-05-19 11:16:16

You look amazing, I love your shape, that's also the size I wanted but I think I might end up a bit larger,I should have brought in one of your pics to my PS.
pecharka5From: pecharka5 | 2008-05-12 12:55:32

thanks for the befores! Look like me now!!! I can't wait till Friday! I want to wear a pretty bra... I have wanted to feel comfortable in this body forever, and I KNOW this will be the BEST thing I could ever do. Thanks for sharing....Hey how is the power walking going?
StardogFrom: Stardog | 2008-05-10 11:40:59

Love that bra! What brand/manufacturer/style is it?
You look mar-vel-ous!!!!
pecharka5From: pecharka5 | 2008-05-09 11:09:13

PRETTY BRA!! I can't wait! You Look great... I wish I could see the before. i am comparing mine, to get an idea how i might look. i am 32E and one week out... Are you a small C? Looks small? I bet that is a GREAT thing to hear! I will LOVE being called small.. I get alot of ,"You don't look that big"> I do hide them well, but I look forward to small!!!!Congrats, you look GREAT!!

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Member Details

Username: KSuzieW
First Name: Suzie (Kerry)
Location: *, United Kingdom
Gender: F
Age: 46
Height: 5'1"
Ethnicity: Caucasian

Procedure Details

Date of Procedure: 04-09-2008
Results: 5 (Thrilled)
Weight: 138 lbs
Doctor Name: Dr. Lam My Profile
City of Procedure: Sheffield
Sate of Procedure: AL
Country: United Kingdom

Breast Reduction:
Pre-Surgery Breast Size: 36E
Post-Surgery Breast Size: 38B

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