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DDD to a beautiful B





Album Description

These pictures are of me before, 10 days, 10 weeks, 4 months, 6 months and one year. I went from a DDD to a B and couldn't be happier. I had 443 grams taken off of righty and 392 grams taken off of lefty which is about one pound each. I had all internal disolvable stitches and used nothing on my scars. My PS rocks! Insurance paid for everything except for about $200 in copayments. I have no idea what the final cost was as I have never seen a bill.


Comments (27)
MaryNYCFrom: MaryNYC | 2012-03-02 07:53:49

Can we know the name of PS and hospital?
Donna55555From: Donna55555 | 2010-07-07 18:12:00

Wow - your boobs look ridiculously AWESOME!!
ishlkabbiblesFrom: ishlkabbibles | 2009-03-05 12:43:01

wow, you look great!
hoosierhottieFrom: hoosierhottie | 2009-02-25 10:46:21

Wow! Thanks for the photos, you look great!! I hope my reduction turns out as well as yours did!
k4thyFrom: k4thy | 2009-02-15 07:39:05

OMG - I hope my BR works out like yours, great boobs! My op is scheduled for March 23rd, I think though I am UK, I look a alot similar to your before photos... (34G cup UK).. but only planning to go down to a 34DD.
louissaFrom: louissa | 2009-02-11 04:36:56

You used nothing on your scars? No lotions or creams or saline strips? YOur scars are so light, they look great. Mine are soft and flat, but at 12 weeks are still bright red.
Angeleyes404From: Angeleyes404 | 2008-12-06 14:55:46

Wow, you look fantastic! Congrats on being a year OTR. You're an inspiration for someone with newbie boobies (3 wks since BR for me). I hope I look 1/2 as good as you do when I get to 1 year! =)
smilin93076From: smilin93076 | 2008-11-02 08:37:54

Wow! You look great! Thank you for posting the year after pictures. It is nice to see longer than 6 months or less.
hasakahatFrom: hasakahat | 2008-09-28 20:59:06

You look fabulous! I go in for my reduction in 8.5 hours! WHOO HOO. Thanks for sharing pictures so far out. It is nice to see how the scars have faded, etc.
smallertatasFrom: smallertatas | 2008-08-23 15:07:13

Never mind..just read you did nothing for the scars. That is awesome ! I might just do the same...nothing.. wait and see how they progress..
smallertatasFrom: smallertatas | 2008-08-23 15:03:20

OMG! You look absolutely friggin amazzzziing! We are very similar in size. I am 5'3 too started out a DDD and now a B. I do weigh 30 lbs more then you..but I am working on that tee hee. Question: Your scars look beautiful, probably the best I have seen here. Anything special you did for the scarring?
bomccamFrom: bomccam | 2008-08-12 14:06:55

Thanks for posting your pics...we are the same size and I really needed to see a DDD become a B. I'm going to be one very happy lady, if I have similar results that you have!
sangfroidFrom: sangfroid | 2008-06-24 06:53:05

you look fantastic!
sangfroidFrom: sangfroid | 2008-06-24 06:52:32

you look fantastic
LuckysownerFrom: Luckysowner | 2008-05-13 18:03:56

you look great
NJKerryFrom: NJKerry | 2008-05-11 20:21:37

Thank you so much. That is the first looking from the top down and laying down views I have seen pic of. You look great from EVERY angle!!!! I hope my BR turns out just as good!
raygunFrom: raygun | 2008-03-12 10:45:54

wow! that is the best reduction i have seen! if i can ever get my insurance to approve, those are the boobies i want! can i borrow them? (c:
mzpleasant1From: mzpleasant1 | 2008-02-23 18:23:14

wow you look great I am hoping to go from 44dd to a b on Feb 26th 2008 keep me in your prayers
LuckysownerFrom: Luckysowner | 2008-02-11 13:26:51

you look great
2bsmallerFrom: 2bsmaller | 2008-02-03 09:11:27

You should be thrilled! This is wonderful work.

Your back must feel so much better and clothes shopping so much fun.

arboretumFrom: arboretum | 2008-01-21 11:53:27

you look incredibly amazing!
after watching your pictures, my hopes increased 100%!!!
tinydonnaFrom: tinydonna | 2008-01-08 22:22:57

you are still looking awesome! xxx
sholoriFrom: sholori | 2007-12-12 04:48:01

You look great!!! The pics from the top are wonderful!!!
mynewselfFrom: mynewself | 2007-12-07 03:41:22

You look wonderful! Sexy and perky! I cant wait!
tinydonnaFrom: tinydonna | 2007-12-06 20:13:33

i am so happy i saw these coz in 4 days i am going to a B too!! i am currently an E.

well done! xx
hoping4cFrom: hoping4c | 2007-12-06 19:45:49

You look fabulous! I was just a few days before you...on sept 28 07! Isn't it wonderful???!!!!
CourtneyGFrom: CourtneyG | 2007-12-06 17:05:16

You look amazing, I can only hope I turn out half as good as you

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